October 23, 2021

It is very easy to see why North Carolina is a famous spot for all kinds of groups. From Piedmont to the Coast to the Mountains, the geographical regions are as distinct as the towns and cities and the stories told. Direct flights and primary interstate highways from both international and national points of origin provide easy access to the Tar Heel State.

The North Carolina Piedmont Area is home to the biggest cities and small villages with their identity and flair. Golf and motorsports are famous in Piedmont.

In the Coast Region, visitors relax in the sun and enjoy stimulating, beautiful views. Seafood is perfect and always suitable when visiting historic lighthouses or enjoying interesting pirate tales.

The refreshing, enchanting view of the Great Smoky Mountain, Black Mountain, Blue Ridge Mountain, and less famous ranges catches the interest of outdoor lovers. Both sports lovers and culture and nature buffs are attracted to the NC Mountain Area.

Tourists are discovering what the movie sector has known for years. Whichever activity or setting you to wish for, it can be seen in North Carolina.

Things to do in Hickory, NC

Hickory is a city found northwest of Charlotte and has many interesting activities to provide. With about forty thousand people residing in Hickory, the city has coffee shops, restaurants, museums, and others to grab guests’ attention when they visit.

  • Hickory Museum of Art: The museum was founded in 1944, and the displayed collections are accessible to the public. It shows artwork starting from the 19th century till the present.
  • Catawaba Science Center: the science museum provides guests chances to partake in summer camp, interactive and academic displays for children, and an unusual venue for events and parties.
  • Taproot Coffee Bus: The coffee bus has various kinds of brewing methods and coffees, ranging from AeroPress, Moka Pot, French Press to Chemex.
  • Henry Fork River Park: This spans over 8,000sq-ft, where you can see shades with restrooms, grills, picnic tables, and huge sports and soccer fields. They also provide horseshoe pits, a canoe launch, two big playgrounds for children, a concession stand, and a paved walking trail.

Things to do in Morganton, NC

Morganton is home to buildings filled with stories of old, museums holding onto Cherokee Indian artefacts and art galleries.

  • The History Museum of Burke County: This museum proudly showcases artefacts from the past thousand years to the period when Native Americans resided and hunted in the area.
  • Catawaba River Greenway: Has 3.8 miles of asphalt trails for walking, skating, biking, and fishing.
  • Apple Hill Orchard & Cider Mill: Varieties of cider doughnuts and apples are available in the cider mill and Apple Hill, respectively. The Apple season usually runs from late August to early November.
  • Pisgah Loop Scenic Byway: Enjoy an excellent back-to-nature scenic loop that starts from Morganton high to the Blue Ridge Mountains and back.
  • Lake James Celler: A family-owned winery operating in a renovated 1915 textile mill building in Glen Alpine, a short distance from Morganton. The winner has a tasting room and a gift shop, and it is also opposite the Old Mill antique


First Time Travellers to the US

For some years now, all travellers wishing to travel to US soil must first apply for the ESTA visa applications. The ESTA form to be completed for this purpose is subject to a fee. To find out more about the cost of the form and any other related expenses, here are some explanations supporting the administrative costs required.

First of all, it must be emphasized that the ESTA form itself does not require a fee. What you pay for is the validation of your ESTA application and its submission to the US authorities, as well as, of course, the processing of the application itself.

Therefore, no payment will be required until you have completed and verified your application.

To better understand why you have to pay a specific sum concerning your ESTA application, it is sufficient to consider that every administrative practice generates costs related to processing the practice itself.

In fact, the US authorities responsible for evaluating applications receive thousands of forms every day, the responses of which must be analysed to decide whether or not to issue a residence permit in the United States. This takes time and, of course, the employment of some salaried employees by the US government. Therefore, it is normal that the latter, to cover these costs, requires people who make an ESTA application to pay the costs. ESTA renewal also carries a charge.

Things to do in High Point, NC

High Point, NC, possesses an abundant ancient tapestry and is full of interesting areas to visit like furniture shops, vineyards, and parks. From cosy museums to the great outdoors, High Point has everything.

  1. All-A-Flutter Butterfly Farm: The visit here will show you a working butterfly in action and know more about the Monarch butterfly’s life cycle. They also have picnic tables and gardens at the farm for you to spend the day.
  2. Kersey Valley Attractions: Located in Archdale, Kersey Valley Attractions is more of a star turn in the area. The play centre is known for possessing the biggest haunted house in the whole of the NC region, and more exciting activities are seen there, like laser tag and zip lines.
  3. High Point Theatre: You will see a famous program dedicated to showing the best of local arts to the area known as the Passport to Entertainment Series.
  4. John Coltrane Statue and Marker
  5. The Rosetta C. Baldwin African American Museum


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