July 14, 2022

Planning a trip to Sydney is hectic. As a result, there are high chances of missing out on important things. So, to help you with this, I have mentioned 11 ways to make it memorable.

  1. Book the flight in advance

Last-minute bookings are extremely expensive. To avoid that, book the flight months ago before the actual trip. That way you will save a lot of money.

Plan your whole tour early and make decisions accordingly. To get more economical deals, you can also book connecting flights.

  1. Prefer walking over public transport

Sydney has multiple tourist spots. If you want to explore them deeply, restrain yourself from taking public transport. The best way to experience them is on foot.

If your health condition doesn’t allow you to walk for a long time, keep some extra time in your hand to avoid getting delayed.

Tip: Remember that most hotels and restaurants in Sydney are generally closed on Sundays and Mondays.

  1. Roam through ferries

Using ferries for going from one destination to another is very common among Australians. The reason behind this is ferry services are cheap and speedy, and you can enjoy the outside view from the water.

To book a ferry, use the Opal card. You can recharge the card as per your need.

  1. Keep the local taxi app on your phone

Don’t stop by a taxi during busy hours. Chances are the charges will be very high. Instead, install the local taxi app and use it for booking cabs. The cabs fare reasonably, and you can track your location from maps.

  1. Arrive early in the morning

Sydney wakes up early. So if you don’t want to miss sightseeing, wake up from your bed and visit the nearby cafes. You will find many cafes, as they open their business at 7 am.

But to experience the late-night vibe of Sydney, you may need to travel extra miles.

  1. Know the rules and regulations before going to shop

Australia has some rules and regulations for tourists regarding buying handicrafts. Spend some time researching the laws to avoid any legal trouble. Keep the necessary documents ready.

Don’t underestimate the radiation of the sun in Australia. Always carry water bottles and protect your skin from Ultraviolet rays by layering it with SPF 30 or more sunscreen.

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  1. Always check signs before smoking

Sydney takes any law matters seriously. You can get in trouble for smoking in no-smoking zones. You will mainly find these signs in children’s playgrounds, train stations, public recreation spots, housing complexes, and near restaurants.

You will be charged a huge fine if you are caught smoking in the no-smoking zones.

  1. Don’t book hotels that don’t avail wifis

The Internet is necessary when you are in a foreign country. Sydney has various outdoor wifi options like cafes, gardens, bus stands, train stations, etc. So, you will face fewer problems.

But it is problematic when you are indoors, and your hotel doesn’t have wifi options. In addition, the data charges are costly.

So, try to avoid paying extra money by confirming the wifi availability in advance.

  1. Take the opportunity of enhancing your artistic knowledge

Don’t miss out on the opportunity of exploring different arts from free art galleries. Many newbies and experienced artists share their work for public viewing. This will give you an idea about Australian culture.

Before going there, confirm the opening and closing times. Most of these galleries close by noon.

  1. Hike through the Sydney Harbor Bridge

Don’t slip on this chance if you are not afraid of heights. You can experience the whole of Sydney from a bird’s eye view. This tour is costly but worth trying.

You have to climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge using staircases and ladders.

Tip: Hiking this bridge would be more fun when visited with a partner, so if you’re traveling alone, book a Sydney escort who can be your companion for the night!

  1. Take a tour of the Opera House

The trip to Sydney is not considered complete without visiting the Opera House. It will introduce you to the rich history of the most famous building in Australia.

You will be surprised to learn many important facts about the building, like the expense of building the opera house was $7 million.

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Apart from this, you can also explore some local, regional hubs; they give you a real taste of the country’s culture.



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