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September 26, 2018

In the first section we will discuss about the various diseases and negative affects of acidic water. We will learn what is acidosis. How acidic environment is bad for your health. In the second section we will read about the benefits of drinking alkaline water. And how alkaline water helps in keeping you healthy and free from diseases.

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Section 1: Acidic water and many health issues.

When acidic waste and toxins accumulate in your body it is called ACIDOSIS. In today’s modern world, everything that you use is loaded with chemicals, plastic and other neurotoxins.  There are many other dangerous compounds,(like fluoride in toothpaste) surrounding you and have become part of your daily lives.our body very easily absorbs toxins from all the sources around you, like:

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What are the sources of toxins in human body ?

  • Water (chlorine, fluoride, potassium etc.),
  • Air (cosmetic sprays, deodorants, gases, pollution etc.),
  • Cosmetics (artificial colors and chemicals),
  • Toothpaste (fluoride and other chemicals).
  • Food (Chemicals, Artificial flavors etc)
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All these ingested toxins from different sources are responsible for an acidic and toxic environment in your body. The stress of living and surviving in 21st century adds more to this phenomena, your stressed out body generates more dangerous toxins.

Whats is Acidosis ?

When your body starts generating these toxins by itself, it reaches ACIDOSIS. This is where the dangerous life threatening circle of toxins start in your body. At this stage your body is generating toxins within and also its digesting toxins from the external sources mentioned above.

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What are the diseases caused by toxins in your body ?

These over load of toxins in your body start circulating with blood and reaches your organs. These toxins then decrease the functioning of your organs and become the primary undetected cause of many life threatening disease like.

  • cholesterol
  • cancer
  • diabetes
  • high blood
  • low blood pressure
  • gout
  • arthritis
  • osteoporosis
  • uric acid
  • constipation
  • headaches
  • skin allergy
  • kidney failure
  • heart diseases
  • lung infections
  • and much more.

How does the body maintains pH balance ?

At this stage body gets trapped in a vicious circle where the concentration of toxins increases rapidly. The functioning of the organs responsible for clearing out the waste and toxins reduces. The body now becomes severely acidic and needs help in restoring the alkaline balance that is essential for it to survive. Your body then starts borrowing important minerals like calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium from your organs and bones to neutralize the acid content in body.

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What is the pH of blood ?

Your body maintains pH level of 7.365 in the blood, so it means that the natural state of a healthy human body is alkaline. Your body regulates the most important fluid (blood) to remain slightly alkaline, to achieve this alkalinity, body can even wreak havoc on the tissues, bones and other function such as cardiovascular, digestion or lymph. When body puts so much stress on itself to regulate its internal chemical process, this leads to more diseases and illness. For e.g., when more calcium is leached from the bones a disease called Osteoporosis is formed in the body.

If you have acidity and you are facing some of the health issues that were mentioned above, its high time for you to take your health seriously.

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How toxins accumulate in the body ?

Your kidneys, organs and circulation system works even harder to remove this acidic waste from the body. Lots of this toxic gets deposited in the body parts like liver, kidneys, breasts, thighs, bellies, and in brain as well. These acidic and toxic deposits interfere in body’s oxygen and nutrition supply. In the long term this results in early aging, fatigue and other diseases. Most of the glands depend on proper nutrition and fresh blood to regulate your organs and various bodily functions.

Let’s take an example of a fish in a bowl of water.

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  • Lets assume that the glass bowl is the outer body of a human. (like skin).
  • Water in the bowl is the fluid and water content inside the human body.
  • And the fish represents the Cells in the body.
  • Cells in the body contains 96% water.
  • Now imagine if the water in the bowl becomes toxic.

What happens to the Fish if you don’t take care of the water in this bowl?

This Beautiful Fish will die!

So what we understand is that before the cells in the body die, they gets sick, due to the acidic water. Theses cells die because they can’t work properly, they can’t take in the oxygen and  required nutrition. This toxic loaded body is known as ACIDOSIS

What is Bicarbonate Deficiency ?

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Researchers believe that as human body ages, the blood starts loosing important bicarbonate (HCO3-). Bicarbonate help in keeping the blood alkaline and neutralizes the acid in blood and maintains the required pH level. It is very important for removal of waste and toxins in the body.

When Bicarbonate deficiency starts in the body, the waste removal function of the body gets limited. It becomes difficult for the body to maintain the critical pH level of 7.365 in the blood. The waste removal becomes slower and waste accumulation in the body increases.

What is the cause of kidney stones?


But our body is very clever and adapts very quickly to internal changes and disturbances. Body quickly starts converting these liquid acidic wastes into solid acidic wastes like cholesterol, uric acid, phosphate, sulfates, fatty acids, kidney stones, urea and much more. So now you know the hidden cause of kidney stones is the toxins in the body.

Effects of Bicarbonates on your aging process

A Senior scientist Dr. Sang Wang. Mentioned in his book (Reverse aging), that he wrote in 1990’s . The bicarbonate reduction in the body don’t occur due to natural aging, but it is the real cause of aging

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  • Many researches worldwide conclude that the decline in bicarbonates starts at the age of 45.
  • You lose almost 2% bicarbonate every year.
  • 90% people suffer with diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, osteoporosis, acidity, asthma and cancer related diseases as they are nearing the age of 45.
  • Cancer cells are known to be acidic.
  • Acidic toxins in the body becomes the breeding ground for cancer cells.
  • Point to remember is that cancer cells can’t survive in an alkaline environment.
  • Healthy cells and blood in the body are alkaline in nature.
  • Alkaline water and alkalinity in body can prevent from major diseases like cancer.

What are the 2 categories of diseases as per medical Science ?

Medical science says there are 2 categories of major diseases.

  1. Acid induced adult degenerative diseases.
  2. Contagious diseases.
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Science has found cure for contagious diseases but really lacks in even detecting the symptoms of the acid induced disease. Because of the nature of these diseases, they don’t reflect in x-ray, ultra sound. Till the time symptoms start to occur it’s already late for the patient to reverse the damages done to the body. These Diseases are caused by the bicarbonate deficiency and the accumulation of acidic and toxic waste in the body.

Section 2 : Some of the Great benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water.

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Alkaline water is best to Detoxify your body.

Alkaline water helps the body and blood to easily maintain the required pH level of 7.365. This in turn leads to less friction within the body and better removal of toxins and acidic waste. Organs in the body remain clean, healthy and have to do less work as compared to an acidic internal environment.

Alkaline water solves the acidic problem and issues like heartburn and constant indigestion. Your body relaxes and saves its important minerals for other important bodily function. This overall alkalinity in the body saves you from many diseases and infections.

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 Water Deficiency causes acidity.

  • Water Deficiency is very common these days.
  • 90% people on this planet are dehydrated and don even know about it.
  • Earth has 71% water on its surface and still 90% of the population has water deficiency.
  • The problem even becomes severe, because humans start drying up as they age.
  • A new born child’s body contains 90% water.
  • Healthy adult aged 30 contains 70% water.
  • In 40s the water balance reduces to 60% in most people.
  • At the end of life water balance is as low as 50% in many people.
  • The fact is that our body uses water to flush out toxins.
  • Water also maintain body temperature, sweating and urination.
  • Our breath contains water, so water that we intake slowly goes out of the body and we start to feel thirsty.
  • We should drink more water to replace the water that is lost during the day.
  • When your urine has a foul smell and even light yellowish color, it means you are already dehydrated.
  • Staying hydrated have many positive effects on your body.
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You can avoid many small and big ailments by just drinking enough alkaline water daily. Below are some of the benefits that you can get from drinking alkaline water properly through out the day.

Read : How to calculate the amount of water to drink daily ?

  1. Lubricated joints,
  2. Weight reduction
  3. Clear skin
  4. Reducing acne
  5. Better digestion
  6. Proper bowel functions
  7. Better metabolism
  8. Hair growth
  9. Reducing fat
  10. Less diseases,
  11. Clarity in thinking and improves memory
  12. Relief from back pain,
  13. Pure alkaline water helps in curing Thyroid,
  14. Alkaline water helps in preventing and fighting Cancer,
  15. Water helps to avoid skin allergies,
  16. You get Better blood circulation with sufficient water.
  17. Controlling high and low blood pressure
  18. Diabetes can be controlled by maintaining proper water balance.
  19. Alkaline Water reduces acid re-flux
  20. Water reduces anxiety
  21. Fatigue and much more
  22. Fresh Alkaline water helps energize your muscles
  23. Being hydrate will prevent eczema.
  24. Drinking pure and sufficient water helps your Bran function
  25. You can easily control your cholesterol by drinking sufficient water
  26. Alkaline Water will help you prevent cramps and chest pain
  27. Pure alkaline Water will help you to detoxify quickly
  28. Water will help you get out of depression
  29. People with diarrhea should drink enough water to get healthy quickly.
  30. Proper digestion can be achieved with the help of water
  31. Fresh alkaline water helps avoid heartburn's
  32. Water helps to shorten the effect of hangover
  33. Water helps in prevention of kidney stones
  34. Water helps prevent Migraine issues
  35. Reduces menstrual cramps
  36. Water helps you poop easily
  37. Water prevents morning sickness
  38. Refreshes your nervous system
  39. Water transports all nutrients properly in your body
  40. Water helps you to sleep and wake properly.

This is just a tiny list on benefits of  drinking alkaline water. Once you make it a habit you will start noticing many miraculous benefits of drinking alkaline water on your body and mind.

What are Free Radicals  ?


A group of atoms with unpaired electrons are called free radicals, they are highly unstable and reactive. Atoms complete their outer shell by sharing their electrons with other atoms, this forms a bond between the atoms. But when this bond between atoms breaks and uneven number of electrons remains that are called Free Radicals.

How are Free Radicals formed?

  • Free radicals are formed naturally and also through human physiological processes.
  • Activities like stress, alcohol, smoking, exercise, drugs, unhealthy diet, and pollution also encourage formation of free radicals.
  • There are many types of free radicals, while oxygen is the most easy and common to form free radicals.
  • When we breathe almost 2% of the oxygen turns to be free radicals.
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  • These oxygen free radicals are very reactive and causes cell membrane damage.
  • They also speeds up aging and causes a lot of diseases like cancer and skin allergies.
  • So point to remember is that even the oxygen that you take in, is responsible for your ageing.
  • We need anti-oxidants to neutralize free radicals in our body. keep reading to know how anti oxidants work.

Fact : Alkaline water supplies Bicarbonates

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  • Drinking Alkaline water with pH level above 7.5 is best way to replenish bicarbonate in the blood.
  • Alkaline water encourages the body to produce more hydrochloric acid.
  • Hydrochloric acid results in blood stream becoming full of bicarbonates and acts as anti-ageing.
  • Stress, acidic diet, pollution and lot more factors are regular dose of acid and toxins in your body.
  • Many researchers agree that disease causing cells can’t grow and sustain in alkaline environment.

Fact :Alkaline water helps in Staying Hydrated

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  • Alkaline water hydrates your body quickly and effectively.
  • Alkaline water easily gets absorbed by the micro cluster of the cells, and “super Hydrates” your body.
  • We already know that staying hydrated is the first requirement of human body to sustain health and balanced life.

What is Oxidation ?

  • fact: Alkaline water has Antioxidants

  •  Your blood stream contains electrically charged molecules of oxygen.
  • These oxygen molecules force other molecules in the body to lose electrons.
  • These oxygen molecules are free radicals with enough punch to damage the cellular DNA structure.
  • These free radical can start chain reactions, and cause severe irreversible damage to body and cells.
  • Some of the examples of oxidation are browning of a cut apple and rust on iron.
  • To prevent these free radicals from oxidation and causing damage to cells and body, we need an anti-oxidant.
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What is an Antioxidant ?

  • Alkaline water is a natural antioxidant because it has the ability to donate electrons.
  • With the use of alkaline water free radicals are effectively blocked and neutralized.
  • Alkaline water converts oxygen free radicals into safe oxygen molecules.
  • This in turn helps the body in better absorption of oxygen and energy generation.
  • This alkaline and oxygenated environment help body in protection from various diseases and infections.
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Fact: Alkaline water reduces ORP ( Oxidation Reduction Potential)

ORP is generally measure in mV (millivolts). A negative charge (-mV) is the ability to donate electrons and a Positive ORP (mV) is the ability to gain electrons. A lower reading in (-mv) is considered best as it is more anti-oxidant and leads to a healthy body.

Dr. Ray Kurzweil (a member of national inventors of hall of fame), says that ORP is the most important benefit of alkaline water. He says that ORP of a product tells us how absorb-able and bio-available it will be for the body. A very high negative ORP is desirable for the body as it will have more ions to assist the body in its metabolic functions. Alkaline water with low ORP is very useful in removal of dangerous free radicals and stops them from damaging the healthy cells of body.

Fact: Alkaline water Enhances the Immune System

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  • Alkaline water is the primary factor in removing toxins.
  • It also helps in removing acidic waste and free radicals from the body.
  • Pure alkaline water helps maintain pH level of blood in the body and enhances our immunity.
  • Alkaline water is the best for faster healing and easily fight off diseases.

How Diet plays an important role in creating acid in our body?

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Lets  understand how diet plays an important role in acid formation in our body.

  • For this we need to first understand that 98% of our food is made up of nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen.
  • These elements produce energy when they react with oxygen in our body.
  • Once the energy production is completed the remains are often called cholesterol, acetic acid, fatty acid, lactic acid, carbonic acid, nitro-oxide uric acid and ammonia.
  • Only 2% of the remaining foods consists of alkaline and acid minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, sulfur, iodine, chlorine, and sodium.
  • The food is considered to be alkaline or acidic based on which minerals are in excess quantity.
  • There is no such food (alkaline food) present which doesn’t produce acidic waste in the body.
  • You can’t neutralize the acid in body with an alkaline diet as it will lead to malnutrition and many deficiencies.
  • It is very important to eat everything in random to get essential minerals and vitamins, there is no medicine for nutrition deficiency.
  • There many types of diet in trend these days like low-carb-diet, vegan diets, raw food diets, macrobiotic diet etc. but none of these diets add bicarbonates to your blood.

How Exercise plays an important role in creating acid in our body?

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Fact: Exercise also creates acid in your body?

It’s shocking but true. We know that exercise is good for our well being it gives us stamina, good skin, healthy muscles and much more. But people tend to the formula of “pushing the limits” this causes more damage than good. Too much stress from exercise can create lots of lactic acid in your body. Lactic acid forms when body doesn’t get proper oxygen supply.

This usually happens at the time of excess exercising. Lactic acid is known to cause exercise induced asthma. Exercise should always be done as per your body capacity and in guidance of a good instructor.


We should maintain healthy lifestyle and good diet. This can help us in slowing down the ageing process a little bit but we can’t stop it completely. It has to happen. We can’t reduce the decline of bicarbonate in our blood thru diet and exercise alone. We will need something that will help us to do that

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  • Aquafresh Prime is the best Alkaline Water Purifier in India its top of the line in every aspect of water purification technology.
  • Aquafresh prime is a high capacity RO + UV + UF +TDS + Alkaline + Mineral + Anti-oxidant + Bicarbonate water purifier.
  • It is equipped with a 15 liters water tank and comes with 5 year Warranty in Delhi/NCR region and for rest of India it offers 1 year warranty.
  • Aquafresh Prime alkaline water purifier also offers 2 years of free services in Delhi NCR

Health benefits of buying Aquafresh Prime Alkaline Water purifier.

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  • PH level of 7.365 is easily maintained in blood and bodily fluids by drinking pure alkaline mineral water provided by AquaFresh prime alkaline water purifier.
  • Aquafresh prime 14 comes with special mineral enhance system that add essential minerals in purified water.
  • Alkaline water provided by Aquafresh prime easily removes toxic and acid buildup in body.
  • Alkaline water will reduce indigestion, gastric troubles and pregnancy induced constipation.
  • This alkaline water from Aquafresh prime is very beneficial for babies, and it be used for bathing babies.
  • Alkaline water provided by Aquafresh prime will surly keep you hydrated and oxygenated as it generates alkaline water with pH level above 7.5
  • Aquafresh prime’s alkaline water will supply plenty of anti-oxidants to your body and cellular damage will be prevented.
  • Taste and quality of your drinking water will be greatly improved with the use of Aquafresh prime alkaline water purifiers.
  • Your medical bills will gradually start to lower as alkaline water will help you remain acid and toxic free.
  • Alkaline water will lower your chances of you getting ill and improve your protection for many life threatening diseases.
  • You will be able to end your reliance on bottled water supply and intern save a lot of money every month.
  • Drinking alkaline water will prevent more than 101 minor and serious diseases.
  • Alkaline water should be the first and best step toward better health and lifestyle.
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