September 27, 2018

Alkaline RO Water Purifier VS RO Water Purifier

Health Benefits of Alkaline RO water Purifier

Researchers from medical science and medicines have recently explored the health benefits of drinking alkaline purified water. It’s still a small number of researches, that have been completed on Alkaline RO water purifier but the findings reveal that traditional RO water purifiers inc​ease the risk of  hypertension, blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.

Many people believe that the RO purified water is healthy completely risk free and safe for adult and kids but the findings are an eye-opener and the truth is quite opposite to what people believe.

Traditional RO Purifiers

As we have read above that recent researches have revealed the health hazards of using traditional RO water Purifiers it’s a warning bell, if RO water purifiers are further used for long the impact on human health can be severe.

Almost all RO water purifiers dispense acidic water with a pH scale of 6 or less. Scientist believe that drinking acidic water regularly leads to lots of diseases, like cancer, strokes and even arthritis etc.

What is pH scale?

  • pH scale is a measurement of hydrogen content in water.
  • If hydrogen content is less than 6 in pH scale that water is known as acidic.
  • When hydrogen content is more that 6.5 to 13 then water is considered as alkaline.

Latest Alkaline RO water Purifier

The latest Technology in water purification is alkaline RO water purifier, which dispenses alkaline water with a pH scale of 7.5 to 13. Alkaline water is proven by medical science to stop diseases as no bacteria or viruses can grow in alkaline water. So if you are making a decision to buy a water purifier you should go for an alkaline RO water Purifier.

Be careful as Traditional RO water purifiers have many Health Hazards.

When water is Purified and dispensed from RO and Alkaline RO water Purifier there is no seemingly difference, but beware the biggest health hazards are always unnoticeable. Traditional RO waters have been the source of almost all kinds of health ailments and disorders like obesity, hypertension, high blood pressure and life style disorders.

The acidic environment inside the body due to acidic water is the cause of various diseases. There is a small noticeable difference in traditional RO and Alkaline RO water, the alkaline water is sweet and tasty while traditional RO water is hard and tasteless. The alkaline RO water Purifier provides immunity, increasing positivity and keeping us away from all kinds of diseases.

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