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October 7, 2018

Bottled Water vs RO Purified Water, which is better ?

The earth's surface area consists of 73% water yet only 1.2% is suitable for human consumption. Despite the fact that such a little amount of water is suitable for consumption, we are continuously infecting water and making it dangerous to consume. The level of contamination reached to such a level that it has actually ended up being difficult to get fresh and pure drinking water. Polluted water leads to a number of health problems and can be life threatening sometimes. Due to these circumstances many people in India have already choose to install Ro water purifiers and some are still sticking to the old ways of using bottled water in their homes and offices. But the big question still remains, as to which drinking water will be safer for us.

 Bottled Water

Many people drink bottled water instead of RO purified mineral water and this topic is often debated.  But,  can you be sure that the bottled mineral water that you consume is safe? Many tests have been carried out on packaged mineral water, all of them have exposed that the bottle water you drink might not meet the required purification techniques.

Many researches also show that packaged bottled water is harmful for health. The packaged bottled water that you consume not even mention the source of water. Sometimes minerals are included in excess, our body requires only a small quantity of these minerals, bottled water can do more harm than benefits.

In addition to this, the plastic bottles consist of polyethylene terephthalate (FAMILY PET) which leeches harmful chemicals into water and increase your possibilities of chemical exposure. Plastic bottles also consist of bisphenol A (BPA), which can impact your hormones. Bottled water is likewise costly and an ecological hazard.

RO Purified water.

Lots of people have actually changed to water purifiers, thanks to the variety of benefits. A decent water purification system can supply you safe and clean drinking water which is free of pollutants. Nevertheless, before purchasing a water purifier, you should get the water quality checked to make the best choice.

As the water quality differs from place to place, it becomes very important to check the water quality prior to making your decision. To be 100% sure that you get proper mineral water you can buy an RO water purifier with TDS balance technology.

TDS controller is a very useful tech included in modern water purifiers and it maintain necessary minerals in the purified water. To remove all contaminants in water, it becomes very important to buy an RO water purifier. This is the only proven way to avoid many health issues for your family.

Which is better: Purified water or Bottled water

Many reports recommend that it is perfect to prevent bottled water and select a water purifier. Considering the variety of issues associated with bottled water, it is suggested to bring home an innovative water purification system.

A water purifier from an excellent brand not only supplies you contaminant-free water however likewise saves money. Purchasing a water purifier is a one-time monetary investment and you can reap the benefits for several years to come.

So, its clear that you can save a lot of money and get 100% pure water after installing an RO water purifier. Bottled water is not the right way to go, if you are really concerned about good health of yourself and your family.

Drink safe, Drink pure !

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