4 Helpful Tips to Buy Water purifier correctly

When we talk about water purifiers, each house hold has different requirement for water purifiers. In India there are 17 different kind of water purifier companies. Different impurities can’t be removed by the common type of water purifiers. It depends on quality of water that you receive at your place, which is the deciding factor for selecting a purifier for your need. That’s why you should do an inspection of water quality, level of TDS, and type of impurities before you Buy Water purifier.

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Check the Water Quality before you Buy Water purifier

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While selecting a water purifier, you need to understand about the quality of water which you get.  This helps in understanding the impurities and TDS level that are present in your area.

FLEMCO Digital LCD TDS Meter for RO Filter Purifier Water Quality Teste

There are so many types of filtration method like Reverse Osmosis, UV and UF etc. Basic impurities can be removed by UV and UF filtration techniques and makes the water drinkable. Heavy metals like , lead, fluoride,potassium and other toxic elements present in water can be remove by reverse osmosis.

Compare the Options in market before you Buy Water purifier

Aquafresh Vs Kent Grand Comparison

Consider the budget before you Buy Water purifier

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While looking to Buy Water purifier, budget is another important aspect. If you are looking for a pocket friendly water purifier, you can go for UV based water purifiers. However, health of your family members can’t be compromised by selecting for a low budget alternative. Even RO or UV might be expensive, to get protection from waterborne diseases it is recommended.

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Research about Brand before you Buy Water purifier

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Before buying a water purifier, research about the brand and service quality and after sales. There should be some warranty on the various parts of water purifier with prompt service after sales.


For Example We have checked Aquafresh Prime with the best Warranty and after sales service in Delhi NCR

Last Words

While you Buy Water purifier be assure that you receive correct, in depth and latest information about the available options in market. Ensure while buying water purifier from the well known brand such as Aquafresh Prime , with 5 years warranty ,2 years of free services, Exchange offer and a budget friendly price of just Rs 6000 no one can beat their offer. Check out the link below for more details before you Buy Water purifier.

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