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September 30, 2018

What is Drinking Water Purification? All Methods Explained

Drinking Water purification technologies are used to gets rid of unfavorable chemicals, physical pollutants, and suspended particles from the regular water and provides safe water for drinking. In brief, drinking water purification technologies makes sure that your drinking water is contamination free and 100% pure..

Biological procedures like utilizing of sluggish sand filters or active carbon filters likewise assist in eliminating pollutants from water. In all these procedures, the supreme objective is to minimize the germs, infection, fungus and other suspended particles and make the water free from pollutants. As an outcome, there is a requirement for a purification procedure that can assist you get cleansed water at house without any inconveniences.

Drinking Water Purification Methods generally Practiced

Rural Drinking Water Purification Approach

Rural neighborhoods utilized rudimentary methods of Drinking water purification to serve the specific and home requirements. The conventional approaches are extremely easy and these can eliminate the unnoticeable pollutants, thus making water safe for drinking. The conventional methods are really basic and these can eliminate the unnoticeable pollutants and providing 100% safe drinking water.

Drinking water purification utilizing clay vessel:

The strategy includes putting water into clay vessel having an appropriate pore size. The water calms down in the clay vessel and travels through the pores of the clay. The cleansed water gathers in a container positioned at the bottom of the clay vessel.

Drinking water purification utilizing cloth:

This is another typical filtration technique utilized in the older days. The drinking water purification procedure gets rid of few pollutants such as, worms, suspended solubles, and dust particles . Water travels through white colored very thin cloth, which gets rid of few pollutants present in water.

Drinking water purification utilizing Winnowing Sieve:

This Drinking water purification procedure removes small particles and other solubles present in water. Raw water passes through a winnowing sieve, which filters all the contaminants, consequently gathering fresh water, which is still safe for drinking.

In addition to these standard Drinking water purification approaches, there are other procedures as well, which consists of coconut fiber filters,  jumping stone approach, up flow water filter, down flow water filter, gravel water filter etc.

Technically Advanced Drinking water purification Techniques:

As per World Health Organization (WHO), more than 1.2 billion homes do not have drinking water purification technologies in use. World Health Organization approximates that around 94% of these issues can be avoided by consuming tidy water. Considering this element, it is crucial to utilize sophisticated water filtration innovations to make and eliminate pollutants, and make water safe for usage.

Individuals utilize high-end water purifiers in their workplaces and houses to get 100% safe and pure drinking water. To achieve this RO or UV or UF based water purifiers can be of excellent aid as they eliminate all types of pollutants present in water. This is achieved by utilizing best drinking water purification process and latest technologies.

Few Advanced drinking water purification technologies are listed below:

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filtration Process:

Reverse osmosis (RO) is one of the most innovative drinking water purification approaches. RO water purifiers utilize semipermeable membrane that eliminates ions, particles, and physical particles from water, thus making it safe for drinking

In reverse Osmosis water is forced through a micro-membrane also called semi-permeable membrane and all contaminants are removed very quickly and efficiently. To make it easy for you we have mentioned the best RO water Purifier in India that you can select to stay safe and healthy.

AquaFresh Water Purifiers

AquaFresh-- Best RO Water Purifier in India

Aquafresh is a compact water Purifier that utilizes 7 Phase drinking water purification innovation. The water Purifier utilizes a mix of RO+UV+UF+ TDS Controller in various phases to eliminate pollutants to supply you with 100% safe water.

  • Counter and wall-mounted leading style
  • 7 Phases water purification procedure with TDS controller
  • 15 Liters of water storage capability
  • Filters water from all sources
  • 11 Watt UV light to eliminate the micro-organisms
  • Computer system managed operation (Auto start and Auto Stop).
  • Integrated SMPS to support the vast array of input voltage.
  • Body built with ABS plastic.


The Drinking water purification strategies eliminate various kinds of pollutants to make water safe for intake and keep you healthy. Modern techniques of drinking water purification can eliminate all the pollutants from water and can make the water totally safe for drinking. If you desire to consume safe and 100% pure water, set up the best water Purifier in India today and keep yourself healthy.

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