August 22, 2021

Changing the water filtration system is somehow not a difficult task. Taking the help of a plumber to change the whole house water filter system is quite a good decision but you can do the task yourself with a little effort. The author takes down this general purpose of guiding people how to change the whole house water filter.

Read the article carefully to get the details of replacing the whole house water filter. Just follow the step by step guideline and you would be able to replace it by your own.

Let’s start the procedure without any further due.

Things you need:shop online water filters

 It is obvious whenever we are doing any technical work we would require some tools to do the task. For changing a water filter we will use the tools that are mentioned below.

  1. Water shut off key/ wrench
  2. Heavy duty strap filter wrench
  3. Silicon Grease
  4. Plumber’s Tape/ Teflon Tape
  5. big bucket
  6. Wiping rags

Step 1. Turn off water:

Turning off the water of the whole home is the first step, but make sure you have empty the taps and main storage of water before turning off the water. After draining water from your house, open a sink or faucet to reduce water pressure. This is done with the lowest tap to reduce the maximum pressure in the line.

Water filter bypass of house:

 There are three valves in the filter that can be used to shut off the water purification system. The valve is a simple arm that rotates 90 degrees. If the handle and thread are the same, water will flow. Close when your hands make a 90 degree angle to the pipe. Some systems use peduncles. In this position, fold your right hand tightly and place your left hand on it. You want to disable the water filter from scratch. This prevents water from entering the filter. The second button on the water filter tries to turn the filter off. This will prevent backflow of water into liquid when the filter housing is reset. The third needle must pass through and close. This means that the drain is still open or will continue to flow through the water filter. This must be done when installing the inhaler inside. This should be avoided when making repairs, but not rinsed.

Rearrange O ring:

 If you look at the ring in the center of the filter, you will see a small black dot that is a carbon filter. Looking at the stainless steel strip breaks the steel frame. Little sand is nothing new. Excessive use of sand, gravel and concrete blocks is rare. Carefully detach the O ring from the canister and inspect if it’s alright and keep it in mind that stretching will damage the rind. You need to be polite while doing this task because it is a possibility that you would use the same O ring again. Just grease the ring with silicone for the coating in case you are using the same ring. If you are getting some issue from the old ring, just buy a new one of the same size.

Tape filter canister:

 This is somehow an optional step. You may complete the task without doing it. Still utilizing this step would be helpful for the leakage problems of the filter. You only just need to put plumbers tape or Teflon tape around the threads of the filter canister.

Put replacement filter into blue canister:

 Insert the filter into the chamber and apply it completely. Tightening and screwing while closing may damage the mold. Repair the wires, clamps and screws. If filter contains water, it will be difficult to remove until pressure is applied to the system. This means it will sink when removed. Some people do not go through such steps to prevent filter replacement, but this step is important to do due to poor connection to the new circuit. Use silicone oil and PTFE tape. If you click on a filter multiple times, you may need to publish the filter.

This is obviously a good idea to change the filter because it would give you fresh water. You may also keep your water clean by using an inline water filter. This is easy to install and can save a space in your kitchen.

Screw up the cap casing again:

 It’s time to screw up the cap casing again. Make sure you have placed the filter in the center of the standpipe. After fixing it, screw it up but do not tighten it up because it may crack.

Turn on water and check pressure:

 You are almost done with the procedure. Now turn the water on and check the pressure of the water. Carefully inlet the handle and wait for the filter to work. Maybe some water will splash out of this procedure. It is not much harmful because the amount of water would be little. Still you need to avoid water, just put a towel around the filter.

Why change water filters?

 Some readers may get this question in their minds that why do we need to change the water filters. This is obviously a good idea to change the filter because it would give you fresh water. You would notice less water flow when your filter needed to be changed.


 So, you are aware of the complete procedure of changing the whole house water filtration system. Though the procedure is given in the general manual still the details of doing the task are given in this article. Just go through with this article if you are about to change filters.

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