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Utilizing RO water purifiers not just gives us safe, delicious and clean water however also secures us from harmful water borne diseases. But there is one big drawback of using RO water purifier, it is the excessive RO Waste Water. A typical RO purifier wastes approximately 3 liters of water for every 1 liter of cleansed water. This is a fact that 75% water wastage happens with almost every RO water Purifier, while it converts 25% pure water.

Wondering why a lot of water is wasted?

Reverse Osmosis (RO) purifiers utilize membrane innovation to filter liquefied pollutants, the impure water is strained and is often called waste water or reject water. The percentage of waste water differs inning accordance with the RO purifier being utilized.

Because of the high level of impurities and dissolved solids this turn down water is not fit for drinking or bathing.
However, the RO waste water can be used in numerous ways to avoid overall wastage of water in your house or workplace.
Before we check out how we can utilize this waste water, it is important to keep some fundamental things in mind to avoid any issues.

Things to Bear In Mind Prior To Utilizing the RO Waste Water

To be 100% sure, if possible, the waste water ought to also be checked for existence of inorganic and chemical pollutants like Sodium.

The container, tank or container utilized for storing RO waste water should have a wide opening so you can quickly clean up the deposits at routine periods.

It is best to identify the TDS level in the turn down water before deciding to recycle for other functions. If the TDS level is too high in the RO waste water then it might not be suitable for reuse in many of the applications given below.

Wash Your Vehicle with RO Waste Water

RO Waste Water

A single cars and truck wash could consume anywhere between 14 liters (for cars and truck wash using a bucket) to 75 litres (for cars and truck wash utilizing a hose pipeline) of water. Bearing in mind the shortage of drinking water, utilizing a lot potable water for car wash seems unreasonable and no lower than a crime.We believe, washing vehicles everyday not only wastes a great deal of water but is unneeded.

If you are using a RO water purifier at your home or office then you can simply store the waste water in some tank or container and recycle it for washing your car.Water with a TDS level of 1200– 1500 PPM can be securely utilized for vehicle washing. If the TDS of the waste water is at high level, you can dilute it by mixing some tap water in it. This must lower down the TDS level.

Water Your Plants or House Garden with RO Waste Water

RO Waste Water

If you are someone who enjoys gardening or have actually planted some plants in pots, the waste water can be used for watering your plants to keep your indoor or balcony garden green. This tip is especially useful for people living in urban locations as the TDS level in municipal water tends to be lower.To be on more secure side, you can start with few plants.

Utilize the RO waste water for 15-20 days and check its impact on the development of your plants. Each plant will react to this change differently, which will give you a clear understanding which plants are responding much better to RO waste water.For gardening/irrigation use, a TDS level of as much as 2100 PPM is permissible. You ought to also check out the percentage of Sodium, it ought to be less than 60 % (1. e. Na/ Na + Ca + Mg). High Salt content causes loss of soil porosity and for that reason hazardous for soil fertility in the long run.


Wash Your Utensils with RO Waste Water

RO Waste Water

Another helpful application for RO waste water is to wash your utensils. Simply store the waste water in pail or tank, ensure you put the pail for gathering RO waste water near your kitchen sink so it can be utilized easily when you clean your utensils.

You can use an overhead tank which gathers the RO waste water and use the waste water from this tank straight in your washing (do bear in mind the truth about delicate fabrics)? This suggestion works best for twin & semi-automatic tub washing.

RO Waste Water can be used for Floor Mopping

RO Waste Water

Utilizing the RO waste water for mopping the floor is simple and will definitely conserve many litres of clean water every day. If you have a bigger home then the savings could be in hundreds of litres each day.

Dilute waste RO water with equivalent amount of tap water. Due to the fact that plain RO waste water with high TDS may stain or leave salt particles on floor. Utilize the RO waste water for floor mopping on alternate days. This will minimize the opportunities of any stains or salt deposits. Do your bit by conserving every drop of water. Due to the fact that EVERY DROP COUNTS, these little steps can truly make a lot of distinction.


Pre-rinsing Laundry in RO Waste Water

RO Waste Water

You can utilize the RO waste water for day-to-day laundry as well, however please keep in mind that using high TDS water might not be suitable for some delicate fabrics. Most of the Indian houses now use washing machines, though washing machines conserve a great deal of time and effort but likewise lead to a lot of wastage of water.


Cleaning and Flushing Your Toilets with RO Waste Water

Another huge source of clean water wastage in modern-day houses is use of toilet flush. Each and every single flush sends out approximately 5 to 7 litres of potable water down the drain.RO waste water can be utilized successfully to decrease this waste of tidy water by using it to flush your toilets.When you start, always monitor your toilet seats for any staining on porcelain surfaces after couple of days. With a periodical clean-up utilizing common toilet cleaners the chances of discoloration and salt deposits can be avoided.


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Every year we read and listen to news of farmers dedicating suicide because of dry spells. And there are thousands and lakhs of families in our nation who have to take a trip for miles every day to collect drinking water. Think of it as a privilege if you are lucky to be blessed with adequate water supply.


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