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September 26, 2018

Do We Get Pure and Fresh water from RO filtration ?

When it comes to the health of you and your loved ones it is very important to take all important measures of being healthy and staying fit. In this age of modernization where pollution has become a part of human lives we can’t neglect the fact that almost 40 million people in India die every year from drinking contaminated water. To live a healthy life we need to drink clean and pure water which can be done with the help of best RO filtration technologies available in Best water purifier in India.

 It is not an easy task to select a RO water purifier for your home in this competitive and multi brand market. It’s very complex process to research and analyze the working process and technologies involved in the water purifier that we might be selecting, as it’s directly related to the health of our family.

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Does RO Filtration, Really Provide Pure water ?

People believe that the only benefit of using water purifiers is to kill germs, virus and bacteria from water and get protection from water borne diseases like Typhoid, Cholera, and Diarrhea etc. Now the question is that if when UV and UF are sufficient for water purification why an additional RO filtration is required?

Why an additional RO filtration is required?

Because there are many different types of salts, chemicals, heavy metals like lead, mercury, arsenic present in water, which can cause life threatening ailments if taken for long time. To check the quality of water that we drink it must be chemically analyzed. Till the time we realize that we are slowly poisoning ourselves with these added impurities it will be too late for our body to recover from the damages done.

These heavy metal impurities settle deep in the body and are not easily excreted and keep on accumulating over longer periods. These accumulation of different impurities in the body cause long term health complications like stunned growth, early death, cancer, nerve disorders, hypertension, diabetes and much more.

How RO filtration technology Protect us from harmful Contaminants in water?

Ro water purifiers are successfully used worldwide for 100% assured water purification. This technology is 100% trustworthy and safe method for water purification. It can remove all water impurities including salts, excess TDS, salts, chemicals, germs and bacteria. By installing the best Ro water purifier in your home you will get 100% pure, safe and healthy drinking water.

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How RO Purifier works?

RO filtration process removes impurities by passing water thru a semi-permeable membrane called RO membrane. The pore size of RO membrane are approximately 0.0005 microns, these are so minute pores which allows only water to pass thru it, and RO membrane also separates all impurities which are then drained thru a separate water waste pipe. Additionally some water purifiers are also equipped with UV filtration to completely kill all the microbes like harmful bacteria and viruses that are present in water.

The Point to note in RO filtration process is that this Membrane can’t distinguish between essential minerals and harmful contaminants, and all of them are completely removed from the purified water. Human body need important minerals to survive and water is usually the best way to get minerals quickly in the body. To restore minerals again most RO water purifiers use TDS controller setup.

How to Improve Life of RO membrane ?

To improve the life and performance of the RO membrane some updated water purifiers use pre filtration method like Sediment and activated Carbon filters. With the help of these additional inline filters chemicals, suspended particles and impurities are reduced before the water reaches the RO membrane. Servicing your RO every 3-4 months can increase the life of RO Membrane.

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How to Buy RO Water Purifier ?

There are many positive aspects of buying and using a RO water purifier. Its highly effective way of water purification, assured safe and pure drinking water for you and your loved ones. All chemicals and harmful microbes are removed and you get complete peace of mind. Buying a RO water purifier for your family can be the best investment for a longer safer and healthier life.

Buying the best RO water purifier which is efficient, latest in technology and very pocket friendly should be your goal. There are many water purifiers available in the market budgeting from 5000 to 26000 while all use same RO technology but due to big brands and competition some charge customer 16000 and some loot customers for 22000.

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