April 21, 2020

RO Water Purifier VS Bottled Water

Do you know what percentage of drinkable water is present on our Earth?

According to the National Geography, the earth has almost 70% of water.

And only 0.007% of our earth’s water is available to feed 7 billion people of our planet.

The major problems for contamination are human activities.

Industrial wastes, fertilizers, pesticides, other non-biodegradable waste,

and many other activities are making water tainted.

Furthermore, drinking spoiled water leads to diseases like diarrhea.

In this Era, due to the higher contamination level, it is almost impossible to access pure water for drinking.  

So, by which ways we can drink pure water, which is healthy and safe to drink?

There are mainly three ways in which we can get pure water to drink.

  • 1st way is that we just rely on the tap water supply.  
  • 2nd way is to get bottled water.   
  • 3rd way is by fixing a branded RO water purifier in our home.

Now, these are the ways by which we can get pure water to drink.

The first way is not great because the TDS level is high in many places.

So we will just discuss the other two best options.

But the most important question is which way is better and why?

Bottled Water

A lot of people around the world drink water from a plastic bottle. These bottles are easily available at the local grocery store and can carry wherever we want. Visiting www.customwater.com would be a great option if you are looking for the best bottled water online.

Too many brands are there of water bottle who pays for fancy advertisements so they can attract consumers to buy their product.

But, is it really safe to drink water from a plastic water bottle?

The answer is a BIG NO.

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Here are some of the reasons:

  • We don’t know that the factory (where bottles get packed) do all procedures to keep it hygienic and clean.
  • There are many chances that these bottles can come in contact with direct sunlight, which can mix harmful plastic chemicals with drinking water.
  • Plastic bottles contain harmful chemicals like polyethylene terephthalate (PET), and Bisphenol A (BPA) which can dangerously harm anyone.
  • But the biggest fault in using a plastic bottle is that they are non-biodegradable, therefore cannot get disposed easily. Water bottles do proper damage to our environment.
  • Drink Waterdrop purified water

RO Water Purifier

Nowadays almost every home has a water purifier. Not only because it is extremely efficient but also because of its affordable price.

RO water purifier removes almost all kinds of contamination’s and adds the right amount of essential minerals in the water.

Some water purifiers also have a TDS controller, which controls the total dissolved solids. The higher level of TDS can cause serious health problems.

So in every way using a RO water purifier is the safest way to get pure water.


No Doubt, drinking water from a plastic bottle is harmful to our health, and plastics are toxic for our environment.

One time investment of a water purifier is the best option for us.

The plastic water bottle companies should improve themselves.

They should use the water bottle made up of some eco-friendly material.

Like Jaden Smith and Will Smith have started a company named JUST WATER.

This uses biodegradable paper cartoons to store water and bottle cap made up of sugarcane.


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