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July 10, 2019

Before going to the details of the types of water purifier, answer our simple question. Is this appliance really necessary in your daily life? We can see you are nodding your head positively. Water is necessary for every human being to live a normal life. The ideal water content in human body is at least sixty to eighty percent.

And in this era of rapid pollution of water resources, you need to have an appliance which can remove the impurities in water, but retain the essential minerals. In this article, let us focus on the different types of water purifiers available in India. This will be helpful for you in deciding which water purifier to buy.

How To Buy The Best Type of Water Purifiers As Per Your Requirement.

You need to consider a few things before you buy a water purifier. Kindly note down the details.

1.Source of Water.

You need to find the source of water and contaminant levels in the water received at your home. The first type is hard water. You can get this water even from Government Municipal Corporations. The second type is underground water. This water is taken from bore wells and supplied via tankers to your home.

2.Level of Bacteria.

If there are more harmful bacteria in the water can adversely affect the health of your family members. Before selecting the types of water purifier, you need to know about the level of bacteria and viruses in the water received for your home.

3.Installation Facility.

You need to check four points –

  • You should have a proper place to wall-mount the water purifier.
  • There should be a proper electricity supply.
  • The water inlet should have a continuous water supply.
  • There should be sufficient water pressure.
  • Most important is the Budget Range.

Do you want to spend more for your water purifier? What are the features that your family members specify? Kindly have a discussion with them and then decide on the model.

There are five types of water purifier models in India.

  • RO or Reverse Osmosis water purifiers.
  • Ultraviolet or UV water purifier.
  • Ultra filtration or UF water purifier.
  • Activated Carbon.
  • Sediment Filter.

1: RO Water Purifier.

types of water purifiers

This model makes use of the semipermeable membrane to remove the impurities in water. The water pump makes use of pressure to push the water via the RO membrane. In the process, every dissolved solids such as lead, chlorine, sulfate, nitrate, and fluoride do not cross the RO membrane. So, you get only purified water. These different type of water purifiers are most effective and can purify hard and saltwater.

We will now discuss the different types of RO water purifiers?

1: Wall Mounted RO Water Purifier.

It is also called as Table Top RO water purifier. You can mount this model either on the wall or you can also have it on the kitchen table.

2: Under Counter RO Water Purifier.

 This water purifier is also called as Under-Sink water purifier. Usually, this model, you can find below the sink.

Advantages of RO Water Purifier.

 The hard water which comes to your home is already given cleaning treatment by the municipal authorities. But the bodies of the disease-causing germs can remain in the water. In RO water purifier, the bodies can get flushed out.

  • The odor and taste of water also get improved as the contaminants get removed. The model is very cost-effective and easy for maintenance. RO type of water purifier is preferred in many Indian States.

Disadvantages of RO Water Purifier .

 Do we also have disadvantages concerning the RO water purifier? The truth is Yes. The model requires electricity to push the water via the membrane.

  • The other disadvantage is nearly fifty percent of water gets wasted. If you are letting ten liters of water via the membrane, then you can get only five liters of pure water.
  • But you can utilize RO waste water in many thing in your daily household activities.

RO Water Purifier Service.

There is one aspect which needs to be taken into consideration. Even the RO water purifier needs maintenance service. For example, you have a water purifier in your Hyderabad home. And it needs maintenance service. But there is a challenge. The warranty period has expired. Now, you need to hire the best technician skilled water purifier service in Hyderabad to handle the appliance.

You can hire the best pro within four minutes. Search for the best professional with the help of apps of home appliance repair companies in Hyderabad. Do not forget to fix the time as per your need. The concerned pro will come at the dot and fix the appliance.

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We will now discuss the UV Water Purifier

types of water purifiers

As the name suggests, the description is on Ultraviolet rays. In fact, the design of this UV water purifier is such that every disease-causing pathogens such as bacteria or viruses gets killed. The greatest advantage is that you do not use any chemical to purify the water.

This model has a UV lamp tube and water has to pass through this part for purification. When the water gets exposed to UV light, the germs and bacteria get killed or become inactive. The dead bodies of germs remain in the water, but they do not cause any harm to human health.

This water purifier is suitable for low total dissolved solids in water (Low TDS). You get this type of water in, lakes and rivers. Please note, Ultra Violet Water purifier is incapable of treating hard water.

Hard Water has a tendency to contain more volume of high Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). If your water contains high levels of chemicals or metals such as chlorine, fluoride or arsenic, they will not get removed.

Let us see the advantages of Ultra Violet Water Purifier.

  • You need to change the Ultra Violet lamp every year. If the lamp also stops, then you need to replace with a new one.
  • This UV water purifier can deliver four liters of water within sixty seconds. The other water purifiers such as UF, RO, and activated carbon water purifier takes several minutes to purify even one liter of water.
  • UV water purifier makes use of electricity to do the job.
  • If you have a UV model with a storage tank. Then you need to clean the model at least once in every 2 weeks.
  • If there is no storage water tank, then there is no need for cleaning every week.
  • The UV model does not alter the taste of water nor use any membrane.
  • It does not remove nor change the mineral content in water.

Disadvantages of Ultra Violet Water Purifier.

  • No doubt, the UV lamp can kill the disease-causing pathogens, but their bodies still remain in the water. In case, a few germs escape, they can still cause health issues to your family members.
  • This UV water purifier does not modify nor alter the taste of water. So, you need to make use of another water purifier to remove the odor, in case the water contains smelly substances.
  • If the water is muddy or turbid, then the UV model cannot remove these particles.
  • This water purifier is only suitable for a low TDS water such as from rivers and lakes.
  • Toxic chemicals are not removed from the water by Ultra Violet Water Purifier.

Types of Water Purifiers - UF (Ultra Filtration) Water Purifier.

types of water purifiers

Just read the title once again. The words speak of a filter. In fact, the model consists of a membrane made of hollow fibers. This part can separate water from other particles present in the same liquid.

When the water passes through the Ultra Filter (UF) water purifier membrane, then suspended particles, viruses, get retained in the membrane.

Do you remember RO water purifier? You have a very good memory. In RO, the membrane can block minute particles whereas this Ultra Filtration water purifier can block a large number of particles.

UF water purifier is only suitable for the water containing low contamination of total dissolved solids. The most important factor is that the Ultra filtration model rarely works when there is hard water.

 Advantages of Ultra Filtration Water Purifier In Your Home.

  • This model does not need electricity.
  • You can put water in the upper storage tank.
  • And you collect pure water in the low storage tank.
  • There is no need to worry about water pressure.
  • This type of water purifiers work even in low water pressure condition.
  • Ultra Filtration can work best in muddy water. It can remove molds and germs.
  • Germs such as viruses and bacteria get blocked in the UF membrane. That includes even their dead bodies.
  • Please note UF membrane can be cleaned many times.

The pesticides and chemicals can get stopped by the membrane. In short, the same membrane, you can use it for nearly three to five years. This is one type of water purifier which you can use if you are on a low budget and stay in a low pollution area.

Disadvantages Ultra Filtration Water Purifier.

  • The only factor that is a problem, is non-removal of dissolved solids. And these components are the main sources of hard water. You cannot use this model for bore well water as it has high components of dissolved solids. You can use this water purifier model for liquid of lakes and rivers.
  • Since the membrane holds off germs and mud, you can clean the Ultra Filtration membrane at least two times a week.

Types of Water Purifiers - Activated Carbon Water Purifier.

types of water purifiers

First, let us find about activated carbon. In short, it is carbon mixed with coconut shell, wood, and nutshells. And it is divided into small pieces. But the main component of activated carbon is charcoal. This carbon can remove not only pesticides, heavy metals. Even the chemicals that can change the odor and smell of water can get removed.

Among all the water purifiers, it is this model that can effectively remove chlorine from water. The property used is Adsorption. The chemicals and metals stick to the activated carbon. You can get only pure water in the low storage tank.

Advantages Activated Carbon Water Purifier.

Disadvantages of Activated Carbon Water Purifier.

  • The model does not have the capacity to remove salts (the result of hard water).
  • The model never removes viruses and bacteria.
  • Improper maintenance can result in bacteria/viruses growing in large numbers on the membrane (Activated carbon).
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Types of Water Purifiers - Sediment filter.

types of water purifiers

Like the water purifier type mentioned above, this is also a pre-filter model. As you know, the solids collected at the bottom of the water are sediment.

This may contain sand, rust flakes, and other impurities. The sediment filter can catch mud particles or unwanted dust. In India, sediment filters are composed of polyester fibers and cotton. Usually, the sediment filter comes in the form of a roll.

Advantages of Sediment filter Water Purification.

  • This filter can remove mud particles, dust and dirt in the water.
  • Any particles that are present get removed during the per-filtration. If the water is first to let out to the sediment filter, and then to UV purifier or RO purifier, the lifespan of these water purifiers can get enhanced.

Disadvantages of Sediment filter Water Purification.

  • It does not remove any heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, and dissolved solids.
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Recent Technologies.

There are also recent water purifier models which have made use of recent technologies such as Internet of Things. For example, you can check on


Again, we stress on only one factor on home appliances. That of maintenance services. It does not mean that any home appliance can work in perfect condition right from the date of purchase to its last lifespan second.

You need to give a maintenance service to the water purifier. So always keep the manufacturer’s manual handy. It will give you tips on how to maintain the appliance in top condition. But you may encounter situations where maintenance service is needed even though the warranty period has ended for the water purifier.

Suppose, you are in Pune and in a similar situation. Your water purifier needs maintenance service. To hire the best expert for water purifier service in Pune, just download the app of home appliance companies. They offer handyman professional service at your doorstep. Follow the guidelines and get the appliance fixed with ease.

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