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October 11, 2018

Why do I Need an RO Water Purifier ?

When someone first thinks they need an RO water purifier, they ask their buddies, neighbors and numerous other palaces. Due to the fact that their decision can directly impact the well-being and health of their loved ones, this task must be taken really seriously.

Do we actually need an RO water purifier ?

RO Water purifiers with UF+UV filters are used by many households in India to get rid of water impurities like bacteria and virus from water. Because this is the only proven technique to safeguard from diseases like Diarrhea, cholera etc.

If water borne diseases can be avoided by utilizing UV+UF purifiers then why do i need an RO water purifier?

The response is yes, you actually require an RO water Purifier in your home or workplace wherever we wish to get purest and cleanest water for well being of yourselves and others.

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How is RO water purifier better than a regular UV UF water purifier?

Water consists of dangerous pollutants germs bacteria salts and heavy metals. These metals and chemicals can't be removed by the UF filter alone. To remove solid particles and other heavy metals an RO Membrane must be attached for 100% results. UV filter can only eliminate bacteria, virus and other pathogens. But a lot of solubles and chemicals are still left untreated in the water.

These are health hazards and sluggish toxins for your body. The bad taste and smell of water can't be removed with regular UV+UF filters and likewise triggers lifelong damage to your body. Drinking water with presence of heavy metals and chemicals even in little amount can cause numerous issue in your body.

These heavy metals keep collecting in the body as they never get removed from the body. This build-up will lead to long term diseases like cancer, slow growth, damage to nerves, and even sudden death. These are the major reason why you need an RO water purifier.

How can we secure ourselves from hazardous impurities in water?

The Best service that has actually been embraced worldwide is to purchase an RO water Purifier to effectively eliminate all impurities, salts, heavy metals and micro-organisms. By setting up the pocket friendly high tech RO water Purifier in your home you can get pure safe and healthy water along with peace of mind and security for your loved one.

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How RO water Purifier works ?

When water is pushed out for filtration in an RO system it's pressurized and passed thru a low micron membrane. The pores in this membrane are as small as 0.0005 microns. This membrane is capable of removing all impurities salts and dissolved chemicals from water. Fresh water is stored in tank and waste water is removed via pipes. All high quality RO water Purifiers have UV filters to kill viruses and germs. This process entirely safeguards from any other microbes or infections also.

What is TDS Controller in RO Water Purifiers ?

When water is processed via RO membrane, some necessary minerals are lost in this procedure and excreted out in the waste water. As the RO membrane filters water at micron level, this is bound to occur. To keep the balance of minerals in water a TDS adjuster is needed in RO water Purifiers. This small device mixes the pure water with raw water and keeps the TDS balance in Drinking water at a safer level.

How to Enhance the life of RO Membrane ?

The chemicals like fluoride, chlorine and other heavy metals that are present in water. These impurities cause damage to RO membrane and decrease its life. This further degrades the water purification quality. To avoid such issues water is passed thru a series of filters. Like Pre filter, carbon filters, sediment filter, UF and then it finally reaches the RO membrane.

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To improve the life of Membrane you should make sure that your Water Purifier is services every 3 to 4 months. While this time period may seem like short, but it has very positive effects on water purity and improved life of RO membrane.

So, you need an RO water purifier to protect you family and yourself from various diseases and harmful chemicals that are present in water.  If you are about to buy a water purifier checkout this Aquafresh Water purifier for your home. This can be your best investment.

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