April 17, 2021

Mother’s day is a universal celebration that allows us to respect and pay gratitude towards the one individual that has sacrificed so much for us throughout her life. Our mother is probably the only person in the world that selflessly pours her efforts and her heart into your well being. Our mother’s, without uttering a single word, would work round the clock for our betterment. The devotion she shows towards her family is beyond words and can indeed be one of the purest forms of love out there. She fights the world and her insecurities to make her child the better version of themselves.

This mother’s day, pledge to yourself that there will be no moment hereon in your mother’s life that makes her feel lonely or unhappy. Pledge to stay with her at all times here forth and to never let even a single drop of tear roll through her eyes, unless, of course, it’s the tear of immense happiness. Take this day as an excuse to cherish her presence in your life and to show gratitude for all that she has done for you throughout her life. Send flowers online and pair them up with a handwritten note of appreciation right at midnight to surprise her. But have you ever wondered as to why she is so special to us? Let’s list down a few reasons that make her stand out.


Her Support:

A mother is always there to support her child at all times. If you keep failing, your mom will lift you every time you fall and will encourage you to do even better the next time. No matter how many times you let her down, she will never leave your side. She will wake up at night with you when you study for your exams, no matter how tired she may be from her tedious day. These efforts and dedication make sure that you achieve what you want to speak a thousand words altogether.

Her Love:

A mother is the epitome of purity and devotion towards her child. No love can stand equal to the love that a mother has for her child. This love stands above and beyond every emotion out there. Since the day we were born, our mothers have been our first love, and she will always remain the same. Let’s celebrate this love with all our heart as it is something that stays by us at our highs and our lows. It is among the most notable positive feelings we can get from someone in this materialistic and selfish world.

Her Efforts:

A mother does everything in her will to ensure the happiness and wellness of her child. She will shadow her child from all the evil of this world and raise them in the best possible environment. A mother will do whatever it takes to make us happy throughout our lives. She keeps her happiness and luxury aside to provide us with the best possible. For her child, she will cross oceans, which makes her the most extraordinary individual of all.

Her Sacrifices:

Since the day we are born, our mother’s life inclines towards sacrifices every step of the way. Sacrificing her body as we are born, she puts our demands over her genuine requirements further throughout her life. She would save every penny she can to get us the cell phone that we always wanted or the PS5 we dream about for so long. She will get all of that for our happiness and for the love that she has for us.

Her Teachings:

Our mothers are our first teachers since the day we step on this earth. She raises us with values and morals that further help us at every step of our lives, let it be while making friends, in our relationships or our professional ones as well. These teachings are the basis of our whole life, and our mother does her best to instil all those good qualities that she can.

A mother would never pray for herself, and she always keeps her family and children in them. As she becomes a mother, her only goal remains to be there for her child at all times and to provide them with everything they want, no matter how many sacrifices she might have to do herself for the same. Send mothers day flowers to Gurgaon or a box of delicious chocolates, too, can be a tremendous gift for your mom if it comes from you. Mothers day is a special occasion that needs to be celebrated with love and happiness as it celebrated one of the strongest bonds out there, that of a mother and her child. Love knows no boundaries, such as a mother’s love.


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