Thoughtful Anniversary gift ideas for parents
June 19, 2021

Parents make our birthdays and other monumental moments of our life special by giving us wonderful gifts. They leave no stone unturned to make us feel special and put a smile on our faces. Parents’ anniversary is the only occasion to make both of them feel special at the same time. This time let’s surprise them with some unique gifts and make them feel important. 

Thoughtful Anniversary gift ideas for parents

You must be wondering what to give them. I understand that getting gifts for parents is a bit more tricky than getting gifts for friends, cousins and siblings.

To lessen your burden, we have curated a list of thoughtful yet amazing gift ideas for you to choose from for your parents.

Photo Cake-

Anniversary without a cake would be incomplete. Get a photo cake for your parents on their anniversary. You can get an anniversary photo cake online. You can customise your cake according to your needs to make it look attractive and delicious. There is a facility of cake delivery in Bangalore which you can avail.

A couple Wallet-

Wallets can be a thoughtful and useful gift option for your parents. Instead of going for separate wallets, you can go for a couple wallets. These kinds of wallets have similar colour and texture, only the design is different. I am sure they will love this. 

Matching T-shirts

You can get your parents matching custom-made t-shirts online as a gift on their anniversary. You can customize this T-shirt either by printing their names on it or choosing a style that unites both. You can also go for custom-made T-shirts. This is a unique yet thoughtful gift option.

Memory Album-

You can create a memory album by combining the journey of your parents since marriage. Collect all the pictures of their wedding and all the special moments and arrange it according to the date. This will make them nostalgic. You can either make this memory book on your own, or you can get it from the market. This will definitely be one of the best gifts so far. 

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Food and Wine Basket-

This is a bit of a different gifting option. You can treat them with this hamper of food and wine. All you need to do is get their favourite food and wines, and combine them together. You can get a basket and keep all of them together, or you can go for a bouquet like packing. Whatever you choose to do, make sure it’s creative. 

A colourful Bouquet-

Everyone loves flowers, and I am sure your parents do too. Get them a bouquet of colourful anniversary flowers. There are plenty of options available in flowers. You can either get a ready-made bouquet or customise it according to the taste of your parents.

To lessen your burden, we have curated a list of thoughtful yet amazing gift ideas for you to choose from for your parents. You can find a mother’s ring gift in the Story Jewellery collection.

A couple Watch-

Watch is a classic gifting option. You can get your parents a set of matching watches with their names engraved at the back of it. This is yet a thoughtful, useful and classy gifting option


Getting a plant for your parents is a symbol of care and tenderness you have towards them. Plants give so much positivity and are a symbol of care and affection.This can be a great gifting option. They are also a source of motivation and inspiration. There are a variety of options available in plants nowadays, from succulents to climbers, indoor snake plants to orchids. Choose any of them and gift it to your parents. 

Picture Frame-

Instead of going for a traditional picture frame, you can get your parents picture framed on a glass frame with a song name engraved that is related to their relationship. It is quite a creative and unique gift. Nowadays even wooden carved frames are also available in the market, you can opt for them also. This will definitely amaze them. 


Nothing can be more emotional and heart-touching than a handwritten letter. If you don’t have time to get your parents a gift, then write a letter to them. You can pour your heart out by telling how much you love and adore them as a couple. This will be the most loved gift of all. 

Parents do everything to make us happy. Now it’s our time to pay back. Choose one of the gift ideas from above and surprise your parents on their anniversary.

Golf SimulatorsFor someone who has the budget, or if you could split the cost with your other siblings, get a gift that would encourage indoor leisure. Our parents are getting old and would prefer to stay in the garden or behind closed doors instead of braving the crazy traffic to the golf course.The Garmin Approach R10 is an entry-level launch monitor that allows realistic gameplay, transporting your golfer parents to thousands of stunning fairways based on real-life greens, thanks to the pre-built 42,000 courses. With it, they have something to keep themselves busy when they’re not traveling!

Cheese cake with bouquet-

Cheesecake is quite a simple cake yet very classy among all. When you buy this cake, make sure to accompany this with a bouquet of red roses. Roses are the best way to express your love for your spouse. It will look quite romantic. You can order anniversary flowers online too. 

I hope you liked these ideas of an anniversary cake. So, instead of making excuses, take a little bit of your time and surprise your partner on your anniversary with these cakes. 

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