Benefits Of Flax Seeds, Nutrients In Flaxseeds,How To Eat Flax Seeds For Weight Loss
December 30, 2019
Benefits Of Flax Seeds, Nutrients In Flaxseeds,How To Eat Flax Seeds For Weight Loss

​The benefits of Alsi. alsi benefits - Alsi benefits in Hindi alsi se milte hai potassium, magnesium, iron aur vitamin B .

Benefits Of Flaxseed And Its Side Effects

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Flaxseed generally is known as (Alsi seeds). This is natural medicine that helps our bodies in many ways. It reduces the risk of cancer, it contains a huge amount of dietary fiber, controls cholesterol, controls blood sugar level, has proteins of very high quality, it also controls the blood pressure and many more things. Mainly it is beneficial for the people with high blood pressure problem as it tends to low your blood pressure.

Flaxseeds for weight loss:


As it is scientifically proven that flaxseed contains dietary fiber in a large amount which is very beneficial for the body’s metabolism. This is the most important thing for weight loss. As when you are following the diet plan it also causes some problems in your stomach and the fiber content of flaxseed can make your stomach healthy. As it is rich in fiber it can absorb liquid at very high quantity. When it absorbs liquid it swells and you feel your stomach full and prevents you from eating unhealthy food. It has proteins of very high quality in it which are very essential for our body.

Oil of flaxseed

Consumption of flaxseed oil is also very essential during weight loss as it boosts our body to digest the food properly and it also helps our body to burn calories and stored fats fastly as it is rich in fiber. It makes your liver healthy and makes your lives the best organ of your body and it results in burning the fats properly and leads to weight loss. It helps out a body to retain more water so that our body always remain hydrated and boosts the energy level for proper functioning.

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Benefits for hair:

Dandruff prevention

Flaxseed oil is one of the best things you can use to prevent your hair from dandruff. You have to use flaxseed oil to massage your scalp to keep it moisturized and it will help you to prevent your scalp from the layer of dandruff. After proper massaging your scalp you have to wash your hair with Ayurvedic shampoo for best results.

Fights baldness in males

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Proteins present in the flaxseed oil are very essential to fight with an enzyme which is responsible for the hair loos or we can say for the baldness in males. It tends to fight with our bodies to stop the production of enzymes responsible for the baldness.

Prevents hair fall

Flaxseed oil has such substances which make our hair strong. It tends to make your hairs elastic which helps you to prevent your hair from breakage. You must have a rub from flaxseed oil at least once in a week to prevent your hair from the breakage.

Methods to use flaxseed:

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  1. You have to purchase the ground flaxseed from the market in a bulk quantity.
  2. Clean them properly and make sure that there is no stone or any unwanted particle in it.
  3. Then you have to bring them properly in a coffee grinder.
  4. You can also grind them by any other means.
  5. It is necessary to grind them as if we consume them without grinding our body will not digest them and secrete them out.
  6. It's not necessary to make a fine powder, you have to break the seeds in the small pieces so that your body can digest them easily.
  7. You can take this powder by mixing in any liquid or with any liquid separately.
  8. You must take care that you must have proper liquid while consuming grounded flaxseed otherwise it will create a problem for you.
  9. You can also add them to your smoothies but make sure to soak them in water before adding them to your smoothies.
  10. You can also roast flaxseed and use them in your curd, salad, and many more things.
  11. You can also use flaxseed oil in your salads and on your chapatis.
  12. Make sure that you don’t have to use flaxseed oil for cooking.
  13. You have to take care that you must keep flaxseed oil in the refrigerator after every use.

Benefits of oatmeal:

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  1. Controls weight.
  2. Controls cholesterol.
  3. Prevents your skin.
  4. Controls blood pressure.
  5. Control blood sugar levels.
  6. Prevents from cancer.
  7. It makes you sleep well.
  8. Boosts your athletic performance.
  9. It makes the immune system strong.
  10. Boots antioxidants activities.

Side effects of flaxseed:

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It is scientifically proven that if you are consuming flaxseed during your pregnancy it can harm your baby. It has some enzymes that can be dangerous during pregnancy so you are advised not to consume flaxseed during your pregnancy to avoid the risk.


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If you are pregnant and on the stage of breastfeeding so you are strictly advised not to eat flaxseed as it can harm your child as it contains some enzymes which are very harmful to a newborn baby to digest. So you have to take care that you must not eat flaxseed to prevent you and your body during and after pregnancy for some time.

Low blood pressure

Most people don’t make sure that flaxseed is safe for them or not and start consuming. You must have to study properly before consuming it as it has the tendency to low your blood pressure and if the person with a low blood pressure problem will consume it then it will harm their body in a very adverse manner by more lowering their blood pressure.

High blood pressure

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If an individual is taking medicines for lowering their blood pressure and side by side consuming flaxseed then it is very dangerous to live as it tends to lower your blood pressure. So by taking both medicines and flaxseed will lead to critical problems for them as they both are working for lowering the blood pressure and will lower it below the limits.


Enzymes present in the flaxseed tends to slow down the blood clotting process in your body. So if you accidentally get injured if will slow the clotting process of blood and due to which you can lose your blood and this will lead to worst consequences. So these are some of the side effects that can be caused due to the consumption of flaxseed.

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