June 28, 2020

We all know about the superstar Bhumi Pednekar and also know that she has recently done her movie “Dum Laga Ke Haisha” in which she has the role-play of an overweighted woman. So for the role of this movie she has gained a lot of weight and after the movie she has to lose it. She has done all this without taking any help from the doctor. She has made her diet plan on her own by picking up things from the internet. Her mom Mrs. Sumitra Hooda Pednekar has helped him a lot in losing her wight. 

She has helped her by making her diet plan and helped her to stick to her diet plan. She has lost around 31 kg of weight by following this diet plan so this diet plan can also help you in losing your body weight. For her movie, she became fat and gained a lot of weight but by her dedication, she has made her successful in losing weight. Dedication is always the key to every success.

Diet plan she has followed:

Detox water

She used to start her day with detox water which is made by her mother at home. She consumes this detox water at the start of her day. When she wakes up in the morning she used to consume the detox water so that her body can be detoxified and she can lose her weight easily.

  1. Take one liter of water.
  2. Put some lemon pieces in it.
  3. Put some cucumber pieces in it.
  4. Put some of the mint leaves in it.
  5. Stir the mixture lightly.
  6. Put this water in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours.
  7. Then consume this water as the detoxifying water.
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Remove sugar from a diet

The main thing she has done to lose her weight is that she has removed sugar completely from her diet plan. You also have to remove sugar from your diet plan completely. If you want something sweet to eat you can prefer honey, jaggery, date syrup and many other natural things that she has preferred. She has also used honey, date syrup, jaggery to satisfy her needs.


She used to go to the gym in the morning as her workout. She eats muesli before going to the gym. Muesli is a mixture of grounded oats, cereals, nuts, seeds, fresh fruits, drip fruits, and many more things.

You have to mix it with the liquid such as milk, almond milk, or with any protein shake whatever you like to make it soft for the consumption and to make it taste some better.

One hour before going to the gym she used to take 2 multigrain bread pieces with one egg white omelet. As this is protein-rich food so it helps her to make her work out better for her which results in weight loss. After coming back from the gym she eats five boiled eggs. She only eats the white portion of the eggs as the egg yolk contains a lot of fats which helps out a body to increase the body weight. So while losing the weight egg yolk is must not to be consumed.

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She also used to eat fruits in her morning diet and in fruits she only consumes apple and papaya.


She does not eat the chat made from wheat flour. She used to eat chapati made from multigrain flour.

Ingredients in flour:

  1. Jawar
  2. Bajra
  3. Rajgira
  4. Ragi
  5. Chana

These are some of the ingredients she used as flour for her chapati.

Vegetarian lunch

When she has the mood to consume a vegetarian lunch she used to eat cereals made at home by her mother. She takes care that the cereals are made only using the olive oil. She used to eat everything made from olive oil as it does not harm the body. She used to eat two chapatis made from the multigrain flour. She also used to eat curd or lassi made at home as they are calcium-rich and have the fats that are sufficient for the body.

Non- vegetarian lunch

When she has the mood to consume non-vegetarian lunch that she used to eat grilled chicken. She takes care that her chicken must be grilled using olive oil only. She also used to eat some bills vegetables with the grilled chicken to fulfill the needs of the body. She also used to eat only one chapati sometimes with her chicken. She never drinks water in between her lunch. She only drinks the water after 30-35 minutes of consuming her lunch.

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Evening snacks

She prefers eating fruits of her choice in the evening. She makes sure that she must eat fruits in the proper quantity so that her body needs can be fulfilled properly. Then after around one hour, she used to take a cup of green tea as green tea is the richest source of antioxidants and they help to purify the blood and makes her active. She also used to eat some nuts with her green tea. She only eats almonds and walnuts as the drip fruits in her diet as they both contain essential oils and nutrients needed for the body.

She also used to eat a bowl of green salad around 7 o clock. In her green salad, she used to eat onion, tomato, cucumber, cabbage leaves, and many more things. She also put some pieces of cheese in her green salad and uses lemon to make it tastier.


She mostly prefers to consumer her dinner at around 8:30. If she has the mood of consuming vegetarian dinner she used to eat cheese with green boiled vegetables. Or we can say she gain used to eat a green salad with cheese as it is light and healthy food and good to consume at night. She also used to eat brown rice with her vegetarian dinner.

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If she had the mood to eat non-vegetarian dinner she again used to eat grilled chicken or grilled fish with a bowl of green salad.
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