lose weight without exercise
June 28, 2020

It is very important to control body weight for a healthy body. You might find it difficult to stick to a diet plan or a regular exercise routine to lose weight. There are several other ways in which you can lose weight and prevent the weight from increasing in the future. In this article, I am sharing a full day diet plan with which you can lose up to 5 Kg weight in 1 week.

Once you start to follow this diet plan, you have to keep following it at least for 1 week. After one week, if you want you can take a break for 3-4 days before starting it again. Even if you follow this diet plan regularly for 1 month, there will be no deficiency in your body. You can follow the diet plan with a little exercise.


In the morning, you need to take 2-4 bay leaves around 8 am. If you do not want to take 4 bay leaves initially, you can also take two bay leaves and take 2 glass water in a pan. Add bay leaves to the water and boil it until the water reduces to half. Then you can drink this water by slowly sipping it. It is very beneficial as all the properties of bay leaves are transferred to water after boiling it. Bay leaves are very beneficial for your health as they contain iron, zinc, calcium, etc. Bay leaves are very helpful in reducing weight. You might think about how can we reduce 5 Kg weight in just one week. I drink this water day in the morning and it is very effective as it improves metabolism. It also makes your immune system stronger, the digestive system starts to works properly and provides a high amount of energy to the body so that we can work the entire day without feeling tired. It also helps in getting relief from the joint pain.

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Then You need to take breakfast between 10:00 am to 10:30 am. At breakfast, you need to take boiled vegetables and you can eat 3-4 chapatis. You should not consume paranthas at all at breakfast. If you have an opinion that it will be healthy if you take tea with biscuits at breakfast, then you are wrong as this is bad for health. If you have 2-3 chapatis in breakfast, it will give you the energy for the entire day plus breakfast will digest fast. If possible, chapatis that you are eating should be multigrain flour as it contains various nutrients that are extremely beneficial for health.

It is not good to take a heavy diet at night as we do not do any activities and it becomes hard to digest. So, we should always prefer to have light food at night. At night food should be consumed around 8 pm and you should sleep at 10 pm.


Then you need to take pineapple or kiwi between 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm. Both these fruits are rich in nutrients and are beneficial for weight loss and skin.


In lunch, you need to take bottle gourd as it has a large number of health benefits. You should consume boiled ghiya in lunch for weight loss. Sometimes it might feel boring to have boiled ghiya so you can also have vegetable (cucumber, onion, tomato) sandwich. There is one more option to have broccoli or cheese salad. Cheese is very beneficial for your health and gives a glow to the skin.

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Evening Snacks

In the evening, it is a must to take green tea. Along with green tea if you want you can take “Suji Toast” or “Roasted Chana”. Roasted chana will increase thirst as it is very important to take at least 8-10 liters of water in a day. You can select a green tea of the flavor that you like so that you do not get bored.


At the dinner, you need to take “fruit chat” and too must contain pineapple, papaya and if you like apple, you can also add an apple to it. You should not consume chapatis at all. If you feel that you are still hungry after having fruit chat, you can have a bowl of boiled ghiya that too not daily. If you are feeling hungry just before you fall asleep, you can take 6-7 almonds or detox tea. If you take detox tea before sleeping, it will help you a lot in reducing the weight.

Additionally, there are some other ways mentioned below:

Chew food thoroughly and slowly

According to science, our brain needs proper time to process the food that you eat. If you chew the food properly, it will reduce food intake as it takes more time to chew the food thoroughly and thus decreasing the hunger.

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Research shows that people who eat fast tend to gain more weight than the people who eat slowly. So, people who are fast eaters are more prone to obesity. The basic idea behind this is that if you eat the food slowly, you will start to feel full with a less calorie intake. This is a very easy method to reduce body weight.

Keep unhealthy foods out of sight​:

If unhealthy foods will be near you and in ​your sight then you might have cravings to eat them and then you can end up eating them.

Protein-rich diet: ​​​​

If you are thinking of lose weight, you should take a protein-rich diet. Protein reduces the feeling of hunger and also helps in eating fewer calories.

Take fiber-rich food:

If you intake food that is rich in fiber, it will improve satiety and make you feel full for a longer time. Researches indicate that viscous fiber is very helpful for weight loss.

Do no use electronic devices while eating:

When you are watching TV, you might not know how much you have eaten and may end up overeating. So you should stay away from electronic devices while eating.

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