Statement jewelry pieces for a stunning everyday look
April 22, 2021

Jewelry is a very important part of a lady’s look. No matter how gorgeous the dress you are wearing is or the makeup you are wearing is, until or unless you have the right jewelry on you won’t look up to the mark. Jewelry, especially the right kind of jewelry brings out the real grace of your overall look.

However, many times girls have the misconception that jewelry is meant to be worn only on special occasions and that you don’t need any kind of jewelry pieces for your everyday use. Well, this is totally wrong. Jewelry means a statement, elegance, a style, or an extra touch that you add to your look no matter what day it is. It is always a great idea to invest in some statement jewelry pieces for your everyday look.  The right kind of jewelry, on any day, enhances your personality and makes you look classy.

Every woman’s wardrobe should have a different section that holds on to the perfect statement jewelry pieces that you can show off on any day. What you want to invest in and wear is totally up to you! Be it golden, silver, copper, or whatever kind of jewelry you like, just make sure you have an everyday jewelry collection in your wardrobe.

Generally, when we say everyday statement jewelry, a classy necklace, stunning earrings, or a statement watch, these are some of the things that strike a person’s mind. However, there is much more scope to the everyday jewelry section. So, here we bring to you a list of the best statement jewelry pieces that you must own for a classy and top the notch everyday look!

Diamond studs!

Diamond studs

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So, let’s begin with the minimalist yet most eye-catching jewelry pieces that every girl should own. The diamond studs are something that adds an incomparable grace to your look. You know, it is rightfully said that a diamond is a woman’s best friend. A diamond stud adds up the right amount of bling to your everyday look.  It makes you look royal yet simple and is just a perfect choice for women. You can style a pair of diamond studs with a dress, a gown, a skirt, a pair of pants and tees, a shirt, or anything else that you have in a wardrobe,

If you already don’t have a pair of elegant diamond studs in your jewelry box, head down to your local jewelry store to correct that mistake and treat yourself to an accessory you’ll treasure forever.

Rings make your hands look more beautiful and they are very classy and chic in style. You can check the gifts for daughter collection to get some ideas for yourself.

Diamond huggies!

Diamond huggies

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We have already told you how much we love diamonds and we are sure that you love them too! Hence, here is yet another pair of diamond jewelry that every girl must-have. The stunning diamond huggies are very much in trend these days. They look just perfect with every dress. Buying a pair of diamond huggies is like you are investing in an all-rounder in the field of jewelry. You are planning to wear a casual jeans top outfit, pair it up with the stunning diamond Huggies and see the charm that it adds up to your look. Wearing a dress for a date but don’t want to look extra? Pick out your favorite diamond Huggies and you are all set for a minimalist yet eye-catching look. Basically, no matter what you wear, diamond Huggies have always got your back.

Link it up!

The evergreen hoop earings

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Another amazing option for an everyday jewelry piece is a linked-up chain or a linked-up bracelet. Linked-up jewelry looks extremely gorgeous and is very minimalist in look.

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The best part of these linked-up jewelry pieces is that they are available in a number of color options like black, silver, golden, copper, oxidized, etc. you can choose your color according to your preference as well as your outfit. Also, you will get a linked-up chain for any kind of day or any kind of outfit. For example, if you want a casual chain for an everyday look, buy a minimalist linked-up chain with only one layer. On the other hand, if you are planning to dress up a little extra than just a regular look, buy and wear a linked-up chain with multiple layers.

Just like linked-up chains, linked-up bracelets also look gorgeous yet very simple and go with every outfit on an everyday look.

Statement rings!

Statement rings

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Most of the girls just love to wear rings.  Well, why won’t they? Rings make your hands look more beautiful and they are very classy and chic in style.

Statement rings!

Most girls just love to wear rings.  Well, why won’t they? Rings make your hands look more beautiful and they are very classy and chic in style.

All you need to worry about is that you buy the right kind of ring for the right occasion. For instance, as we are talking about an everyday look here, it is a great option to buy some statement band finger rings. Band rings are the ones that are very minimalist and come in the shape of a band. Now, in these band rings as well you have many options to decide from. You can opt for a completely simple or plain band ring in any color you like for example, golden, silver, or even black. Well, these plain and simplistic band rings are the best choice for everyday look and use. Visit to view their wide collection of rings that you can choose from.
All you need to worry about is that you buy the right kind of ring for the right occasion. For instance, as we are talking about an everyday look here, it is a great option to buy

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However, if you want one for days when you desire to look a little dressed up and not too much, invest in a band ring with minimalist designs or patterns on it.

The unique-shaped rings!

The unique-shaped rings

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Even though simple band rings are the right way of serving the everyday jewelry purpose, you can surely move a step ahead in style if you want. The gold and silver rings that come in unique patterns and unique geometric shapes are perfect for daily use. They will provide you with a statement look that you can carry on a daily purpose with any outfit.

The evergreen hoop earrings!

The evergreen hoop earings

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Hoop earrings have always been there in the jewelry trends. The hoop earrings look so stunning that you will want to wear one every day. Hoop earrings are simple yet very stylish and eye-catching. Hoop earrings are available in many designs and colors from which you can choose your perfect fit.

For an ordinary or regular day look, you can pick up a single hoop earring in a medium-sized hoop. The color of the hoops totally depends on your choice and your outfit. On the other hand, if you are looking for a little more than a very casual look, multiple hooped earrings are a great choice. The main attraction of these earrings is that they never look too much. Be it a simple single hooped earring, a multiple hoop earring, a golden hoop, silver hoop or whatever it is, it is never going to disappoint you!

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