March 26, 2024

Guide to Crash Games at Crypto Casinos


When it comes to online crypto casinos, crash games are without a doubt one of the most exciting selection of games on offer. From Plinko and Aviator through to Mines and Keno, crash games, unlike traditional games, give the player the ability to control his own destiny. In this write-up, we’ll be looking at crash gambling as a whole and look into possible strategies that you can adopt to win big.


Understanding Crash Gambling Algorithms


All crash games work based on a random number generator algorithm. Essentially, during each game, the algorithm picks a random number between 1-10,000, at which the game crashes and all successful bets are paid out instantly. The rate at which the multiplier increases is determined by the number of active bets in that round.


Core Factors that Influence the Crash


As mentioned, the crash is determined purely by the RNG Algorithm. But there are several factors that influence how the algorithm works during each round. Listed below are some of the factors involved and how they influence the crash and the potential rewards:


House Edge

Simply put, house edge, as the name suggests, is the advantage the casino operators have over you, the punter. Every operator will have a house edge and this is done to ensure that they make a profit. When it comes to crash games, most casino operators work with a house edge of 51:49, wherein the house wins 51% of the time and the gambler wins 49% of the time.


Random Number Generators

RNG’s are developed using cryptographic techniques and have the biggest impact in determining the bet multiplier and the crash point. The Random Number Generation ensures that the games are fair and neither side has any control over the end result.


Bet Value

The number of bets placed during each round influences the increase in multiplier and also determines the crash point. Greater the number of bets, faster would be the rate at which the multiplier increases. In other words, if the number of bets are higher, the rate at which the multiplier would be faster, but the game at the same time would be riskier.


Historical Data

In short, the results of the previous games also have an influence on the end result for the game. With that being said, purely depending on the result of the previous round would be a fool’s game, so take this information with a pinch of salt.


Bet & Payout Limits

The betting amount and the payout structure can also have an impact on when the crash occurs. Usually, higher betting limits and generous payouts means that the game is riskier. The betting and payout limits exist to ensure a more fair gaming experience for gamblers.


Is it Possible to Predict the Crash?


It’s highly unlikely that an external system or even AI would be able to predict the result of an individual crash game. The RNG algorithm, along with all the other factors mentioned above ensures a complex setup that would be difficult to fully understand. With that being said, there are individuals, who claim to have technology that can beat the system, but do approach such technology with caution.


Popular Crash Game Betting Strategies


Although impossible to predict, there is no lack of crash game betting strategies. In this section, we’ll be taking a look at some of the popular ones and weigh in on them.


D’Alembert System

This is a betting strategy, which involves increasing the bet amount by 1 unit after a loss and decreasing the bet amount by 1 unit after a win. The goal is to leverage the 51:49 advantage that players have and make a small profit in the long run.


Paroli System

As per this technique, you are required to double your bet amount after a win and reduce it after a loss. Essentially, the goal is to maximize the profits you can gain during winning streaks and reduce the losses during losing streak.


Martingale System

This is the exact opposite of the Paroli system. You are required to double your bet amount after each loss. The goal is to recover the losses and make a profit, with a big win down the line.


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