Natasha Oakley
January 15, 2023

Welcome to the World of Natasha Oakley: Australian Model and Businesswoman

Natasha Oakley, a popular Australian business visionary, influencer, and global model, has taken the world by storm with her blog, A Bikini A Day, swimwear brand MONDAY Swimwear, and Monday Active, an ‘athleisure’ line. Her net worth is expected to be enormous, and she boasts about 2 million Instagram followers, earning significant revenue from her online media channels.

Oakley has also graced the cover of Women’s Health magazine and been endorsed by Olay. She lives a balanced life, including her food, workouts, and fashion sense, which inspires millions of women worldwide.

In this article, we will delve into the life story of Natasha Oakley, her early years, career growth, financial milestones, lifestyle, and, most importantly, her relationship with her boyfriend, Gilles Souteyrand. So let’s get started!

Early Life of Natasha Oakley: Growing Up with Fashion and Surfing

Natasha Oakley was born on July 14, 1991, in Bronte, New South Wales, Australia, to Guy Oakley (Australian surf champion) and Lynette Oakley (a financial specialist and Miss Universe winner). She spent most of her childhood in Miami and two years in Maui.

Natasha grew up with two different sets of siblings, Samantha and Sophia, and met her coworker, Devin Brugman, in 2009. She relocated to Los Angeles in 2010, where she launched her production company, Datreats Productions, at the age of eighteen.

Natasha Oakley’s Career Line: From A Bikini A Day to MONDAY Swimwear

In 2012, Oakley and Brugman launched A Bikini A Day as a lifestyle blog, which gained immense popularity. After this success, she and Brugman launched their swimwear brand, MONDAY Swimwear, in 2014, which sold out within two days of launching. Since then, they have collaborated with numerous brands and businesses, including Tory Burch, Missguided UK, Guess, and many others.

Natasha attributes her success to her energy and confidence levels and aims to instill trust in captivating women through her clothing lines. Her business skills have allowed her to become a spokesperson for various brands, including La Mer, Seafolly Australia, and Carolina Herrera.

Natasha Oakley’s Net Worth: The Rise of a Fashion Icon

Although the precise figure of Natasha Oakley’s net worth remains unknown, her estimated net worth is substantial due to her successful swimwear brand, A Bikini A Day, and Monday Active. Additionally, she has partnered with several prominent brands and businesses and has received endorsement deals from Olay and other companies.

Natasha Oakley’s Fitness and Lifestyle: A Balanced Approach

For Natasha Oakley, maintaining a balanced lifestyle includes working out for one hour four to five times a week and having a healthy diet. She believes that wearing fashionable workout clothes can not only make you look good but feel good, which can be a great motivation booster. Oakley loves drinking smoothies and eating salads, and it’s not uncommon for her to indulge in espresso and wine.

Natasha Oakley and Gilles Souteyrand: The Power Couple

Natasha Oakley has been dating Gilles Souteyrand, a French model and fitness coach based in London, for several years. The couple loves to travel, and they have visited romantic destinations such as Paris and beaches in Los Angeles. They have also flown around Mont Blanc, one of the most beautiful mountains in Europe.


1) How did Natasha Oakley begin her career as a businesswoman and model?

Natasha Oakley started her career at the age of eighteen when she launched her production company, Datreats Productions, in Los Angeles in 2010. In 2012, Oakley and her coworker launched A Bikini A Day, a successful lifestyle blog that led them to launch their swimwear brand, MONDAY Swimwear, in 2014.

2) What is the estimated net worth of Natasha Oakley?

Natasha Oakley’s precise net worth remains unknown, but it is estimated to be substantial due to her successful swimwear brand, A Bikini A Day, and collaborations with major brands. Natasha has over 2 million Instagram followers and earns revenue from her online media channels.

3) How does Natasha Oakley maintain a balanced lifestyle?

Natasha Oakley’s balanced lifestyle involves daily workouts, a healthy diet filled with greens and smoothies, and indulgences in espresso and wine. She also believes that wearing something flattering while exercising can boost motivation and confidence levels

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