Rashel Kolaneci
March 12, 2022

Albanian actress and model Rashel Kolaneci is well-known. She’s well-known for her edgy social media posts. She is also the host of Xing me Ermalin, Bricijapi, Shiko Khush Luan, a popular television program. 

What is the Age of Rashel Kolaneci?

Rashel Kolaneci
Caption: Actress Rashel Kolaneci, YouTuber
(Photo: Instagram )

On June 23, 1997, in Tirana, Albania, the host of the popular television show Xing Me was born. Her parents brought her up there and raised her. Since she was a child, she has had a strong desire to be a model. She turned her passion for modeling into a career, and as a result, she has become well-known around the world. After finishing her education in her hometown of Tirana, Albania, she began her career as an actress and model.

Who is Rashel Kolaneci Boyfriend?

Ermalin, the show’s host, is a single woman. She has yet to post anything on social media about her boyfriend or affairs. Her past romances and affairs are unknown, despite the fact that she has a million fans owing to her daring and beauty.

Kolaneci, a fashion model, is a rumor-free individual. She has not yet been linked to any rumors or public figures. She is always more concerned with her career than with rumors and scandals.

What is the Net Worth of Rashel Kolaneci?

Rashel Kolaneci
Caption: Actress Rashel Kolaneci Enjoying at resort
( Photo: Instagram )

Kolaneci, is a prominent model and social media influencer, with a $3 million net worth. Her successful career as a multi-talented personality, such as a model, host, actress, and many others, has given her access to a great deal.

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Rashel Kolaneci’s Career Line

Rashel Kolaneci
Caption: Rashel Kolaneci at a show
( Photo: Instagram )
  • Shiko Khush Luan, the show’s well-known host, is a multi-talented individual. From an early age, she has been a committed and hardworking individual.
  • She’s a social media influencer as well as a boxing champion. Her flamboyant appearances have made her famous.
  • Through her hard work and determination, she has established herself as a multitalented individual. A multi-talented individual In her spare time, Kolaneci enjoys dancing, singing, listening to music, doing yoga, and playing sports. She also enjoys experimenting with new outfits and accessories.
  • She enjoys seeing new areas and marveling at the natural world’s magnificence. She enjoys spending time with her loved ones and family.
  • Kolaneci is not only a well-known model but also a well-known boxer. She has carved quite a name for herself in the sport of boxing.
  • After she graduated from high school, she began boxing. As a boxing champion, she has won numerous awards.
  • When she appeared as a host on the popular television show Xing me Ermalin, the boxing champion gained notoriety.
  • Rather than her alluring fitting form, she has won the hearts of millions of people through her presentation on the show. As a social media influencer and a fashion model, she has cultivated a large following.
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