March 11, 2022

Thinking about getting verified on Instagram?

Well, getting that “blue tick” beside your name does benefit your profile and online presence quite a lot. Hence, we do understand the craze behind getting verified by Instagram.

However, there’s a hitch.

The IG verification procedure isn’t precisely about clicking a link and filling up a three-set form accordingly. It’s tricky, challenging, and, to some extent, confusing as well.

Nonetheless, there’s no need to worry. In this article, we will try our best to walk you through the procedure as eloquently as possible. Hopefully, it’ll all work out for you in the end.

The Verification Procedure Of Instagram 

The procedure of getting verified on Instagram is pretty straightforward. Here are some of the steps that you need to follow to complete the procedure.

  • Download the Instagram app from the App Store and open it. Now, click on your profile and enter the page.
  • After you’ve opened the same, make sure to click on the “three-lined” icon (situated in the top-right corner) and click on Settings.
  • Once you have entered the page, make sure to scroll towards the bottom, and you’ll find an option called “Request Verification.”

Once you are there, you will have to fill in various details like –

  • Your or your organization’s full name. (You have to back up this information with any photo ID, like business documents, driver’s license, etc.)
  • Your notability and related links to support it. (Confirm the same by choosing your target audience and the industry.)

Once you’re done filling up the details, you can click on “submit” to send your request. You’ll get a reply regarding the same within the following 30 days.

Getting Verified On Instagram – 5 Considerations To Make  

As mentioned before, getting accepted by Instagram will not be an easy job. If the platform rejects your request, you won’t be able to send another one again for a month. Hence, if you want to avoid such a scenario, make sure to follow this section meticulously.

  • Avoid buying a verified badge. The process of verification on Instagram is pretty strict, and for good reasons as well. It helps the app differentiate between real profiles and fake ones. Therefore, if you try using any shady tactics to get the badge, you will get banned from the platform.
  • Get real and authentic followers. Buying followers, especially on Instagram, has become a modern trend. However, if you didn’t know, it defies some of the “terms and conditions” of the platform. Thus, if you want to get verified on Instagram, make sure to avoid doing these practices.
  • Complete your Instagram profile. Each Instagram profile has one thing in common – they are complete from every aspect. While going through them, you can find a punchy bio, a beautiful photo, a well-designed story section, and an external link. Also, the username should be unique, and there should be a CTA in the end.
  • Opt for a social media audit. This way, you can find if someone is acting as an impostor on the platform or not. Besides, with it, you can also check if your profile has any loopholes in your profile. For example, it will help you check if the links you’ve provided are nullified or not.
  • Don’t add any cross-platform link in your bio. According to Instagram, being too self-promotional and including “add me” links on your bio can be harmful to your account. You can definitely keep the URL of your website and other online properties. Nonetheless, keeping the link of your Twitter or YouTube link won’t be tolerated.

Get Verified On Instagram Today! 

If we’re being honest, your job doesn’t end after getting verified. Aside from the basics, you will need to keep your status as a “verified account,” too. For that, you have to keep your account public and follow the rules of Instagram diligently.

Commenting something wrong or spammy can get you into huge trouble, especially if you’re a verified user. For example, you might get banned or temporarily blocked from the platform for a few days, which will affect your online reputation.


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