June 29, 2022

What can you teach artificial intelligence?

In simple terms, artificial intelligence (AI) is a self-learning computer device or a collection of such devices. At the same time, the term “self-learning” is very conditional, since even the most advanced AI cannot set goals for itself on its own. Someone has to constantly shape the tasks on which the AI learns. For this, Sypwai has created a special platform, which everyone can work with, receiving money for it.

Who develops artificial intelligence?

Many digital technology giants are engaged in artificial intelligence, such as:

  •   Google;
  •   IBM;
  •   Apple;
  •   Facebook;
  •   Intel;
  •   Deezer;
  •   Spotify;
  •   Cloudminds etc.


Sypwai is one of these world famous companies.

Today, more than 30 countries already have national strategies for the development of AI. Each of them aims to be among the international leaders in the development of AI in the coming decades. This will contribute to the growth of the welfare and quality of life of the population, stimulate economic development and ensure national security and law enforcement.

If we talk about commercial projects in which technology is used in everyday life, they are not strictly national. Teams of specialists from different countries can participate in the implementation of such projects, and here the effectiveness of the exchange of knowledge and experience is of key importance – the driver of the development of AI technologies.

What do corporations developing artificial intelligence do? Currently, there is a qualitative transition from the computing era to the cognitive era, when computers of a new type quickly learn to work with structured / unstructured or fuzzy structured data, begin to learn to replace human labor in solving a large number of tasks.

For example, Deezer and Spotify have developed an artificial intelligence system that can associate certain songs with different listener moods and activities. To determine the musical mood of a song, the development team considered both the audio signal and the song’s lyrics. Based on the initial questionnaires when connecting to the service, and most importantly, in the process of listening, the service, in fact, adapts to your moods and preferences, creating dynamic playlists. From the vast sea of music, the service selects for you those compositions that simply would not have enough time to get to listen to.

Research, development of technologies, business products and their consumption to create already new products and services based on them, as well as an economy with a high level of penetration of cognitive technologies at all business levels – this is what companies developing artificial intelligence are striving for. Sypwai uses a unique platform with extensive user access to do this.

Where is artificial intelligence applied?

Artificial intelligence is already successfully participating in many economic economies and public life: banks, telecoms, industry, retail, logistics, medicine.

Artificial intelligence overestimates simple functions, performing complex operations on people. Modern technologies partially replace cashiers, security guards, and call center employees. Hybrid systems will be introduced: if earlier one employee could serve one client, now this ratio will be 1:10, that is, the activity of one specialist will be scaled many times, which will make it easier to work with a large flow of consumers.

A huge number of AI-based start-ups are involved in the healthcare sector: this is the processing of results data, and computer interpretation of research results, heart rate analysis and much more. Also, artificial intelligence is actively being introduced into the banking sector, recruiting, the judiciary, projects in the field of energy, public administration, and various customer support services. Also in the near future we should expect special attention to the development of AI in two messages: self-driving mechanisms (unmanned vehicles) and robotics.

The introduction of AI is inevitable in both large corporations and small businesses. The state creates such conditions in accordance with which intellectual decisions become mandatory. The rapid impact of the adoption of AI will be felt not by companies, but by consumers. The full effect of the use of intelligent systems can only be appreciated when the following innovations become the norm:

  •   digital business environment;
  •   ECM systems;
  •   speech interfaces, etc.

Now there is a lot of talk about the possibilities of AI, including the robotization of human labor, both mechanical and intellectual. We are talking not only about driver robots, but also about doctor robots or, for example, professional investor robots. Perhaps in the long term this will actually happen.

However, if we are talking about the near future, then artificial intelligence will be used as an assistant in simple, typical operations. First of all, this will affect those areas of business that are either related to data analytics – you probably heard about real-time analytics – or imply the presence of routine processes. Now AI already allows you to recognize and process machine-unreadable scans of documents or unstructured text – in images, videos and email messages.

There are solutions for introducing AI into the operational processes of banks: when performing standardized operations, employees are replaced by software robots with AI elements, freeing up additional human resources to work on tasks that require creative thinking. So, on one of the projects of the OTP company, artificial intelligence made it possible to automate the activities of the zero technical support line and speed up the work of the first line. The robot we implemented independently categorizes and routes incoming calls, while the operation takes only 0.1 seconds to complete.</p>

AI technologies can be roughly divided into two main groups: AI for humans and AI for machines.

  1.   To entertain people with each other, AI helps in the implementation of information, financial, educational, and telecommunication services.
  2.   In energy, logistics, industry, service sector, etc. artificial intelligence allows “big” machines to become smarter, more autonomous, and reduce the number of breakdowns. Machine learning is what Sypwai is doing.


Machine learning gives neural networks the ability to independently learn to recognize algorithms and make near-error-free predictions based on the data they receive. But someone has to provide this data. So why not do it for us?

Sypwai has developed a platform through which every user, even without experience and special knowledge, can interact with artificial intelligence. It is necessary to train a neural network using many simple logical tasks. It’s no more difficult than typing a captcha, but much more fun. And you can also make money from it.

How to start interacting with Sypwai?


To work with Sypwai, you must:

  • acquire a computer device;
  • go to the site sypwai.com;
  • register by entering your username and password, email address, and phone number.

The registration procedure will allow you to receive instructions for further work and accept money for completed tasks

How Can You Earn Money Online with Sypwai?

The main advantage of working with Sypwai is that even without any knowledge, experience and qualifications, you do not have to do hard physical labor. On the contrary, you will find interesting, creative work related to the improvement of artificial intelligence. You will need work that is no more complicated than filling in a captcha, but much more creative. This is an international program, in which almost any inhabitant of our planet can participate.

Take part in a global project and earn on it!

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