July 10, 2022


Over the past decade, we’ve become accustomed to dealing with machines where once we interacted with people. Supermarkets have self-scan checkouts, banks replacing humans with machines has become the norm, even fuel pumps take your money and give you a receipt when you fill your car up.


How strange, then that in the world of casinos, the fastest growing trend involves humans taking back control from the machines! A live casino game operates from a TV studio and features a real-live dealer. Games are broadcast by webcam and you can “speak” to the dealer via a chat box.


It might sound like a fun gimmick, but there’s more to it than that. There are tangible advantages to playing live casino over other forms of games in the online casino setting.


Easier bankroll management


When you enter a play for real money casino online, you need to have some sort of strategy in place for managing your bankroll. It doesn’t have to be a complex strategy. Some people walk in with $20 and their strategy is to play till either it’s gone or they’ve turned it into $50.


Now, start playing slots at $1 per spin and your $20 will soon be gone and that’s game over for the day. Live games take longer to play and that’s always good news from a bankroll perspective. Even when considering different formats of the same game, for example roulette, it always makes sense to choose live over a computer generated wheel as each spin of the wheel takes longer when it’s a real dealer spinning a real wheel.


Wider choice of games


In some senses, casinos are highly innovative – online platforms are at the forefront when it comes to embracing emerging technologies like crypto and AR, for example. Yet in others, they seem conservative. Step into a real world casino and you’ll see the same table games like 3-card poker, blackjack and roulette that have been around for decades. Even the slots tend to be ancient titles like Lucky Lady’s Charms that have been around forever. Many gaming platforms exist today that allow you to play games online, including MobilityWare, where you can also play Solitaire, FreeCell, Klondike, and blackjack. The platform also has a lot of tutorial blogs and videos that can help you learn how to play that particular game.


The live games section at an online casino, however, is where all the excitement can be found. New arrivals appear regularly, and take various forms. Examples include new interpretations of classic card games designed for casino play such as teen patti or cribbage. Then there are the games inspired by TV shows, things like Dreamcatcher and Deal or No Deal. Developers are constantly working on new ideas, so there’s always something different to try!


The true spirit of casino gaming


People talk about the importance of playing casino games for the right reason, that we are spending money on a fun experience, not speculating on some money-making scheme. Any winnings are a bonus, not an expectation.


Live casino delivers on the whole “experience” part in a way that other games do not. It’s a huge amount of fun playing in real time, exchanging some chat with the dealer and almost feeling like you are the star of your own TV show.



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