June 23, 2022

Have you been using kratom and noticed some rashes on your skin? How did you handle these rashes? Many kratom users are having problems related to these.


The itch is sometimes unbearable to the point that some users lie on their tubs with cold water to relieve itching. Some use topical anesthetics and cooling agents for short relief. What could be the underlying causes of these rashes?


Read on to learn more about kratom-related rashes.








What is Kratom?

Kratom comes from the leaves of a Southeast Asian tree called the “evergreen tree.” Its leaves contain a component that helps relieve pain, and digestive problems, and aids people with opioid dependence.


This plant works as a stimulant when consumed at lower doses resulting in more people having increased energy and alertness even after a long tiring day. They are also known to become more sociable.


On the other hand, higher doses of kratom are known to be sedative which gives off euphoric effects but dulled sensations and emotions. Many people use this as an alternative to opioids since it has the same effect but with lesser risk.


Usually, kratom’s dark green leaves are left to dry and either powdered or crushed, thereafter. If you are looking for kratom powders, there are fortified ones that are usually light brown or green in color and are mixed with extracts from other plants.



Knowing the Types of Kratoms

When buying, it is important to know the different types of kratom as they have unique features that fit your own needs. Let us see down below and check which one is the best-suited kratom for yourself.

Green Vein Kratom

This all-in-one strain is almost similar to white kratom but is milder and more subtle in effect. After using, there is an observable mild boost in energy which is great for people who aim to have enough confidence to last the day.


It also helps people in becoming more sociable during gatherings and social situations. Aside from this, green vein kratom helps in having a pain-free life.


So if you feel socially awkward but need to socialize, this is the best kratom for you! Not only does it boost your confidence, but it also takes away your awkwardness.


If you plan on starting kratom, this is the best option as the effects are not overpowering.

White Vein Kratom

This is one of the most popular kratom strains which is also available in different types like Indo, Sumatra Kratom, and Thai Kratom. This type of kratom boosts the user’s energy level and enhances overall mood.


A great reduction in depression level is also observed here with an increase in mental focus and clarity. It is also a great pain killer that does not just solve physical pains but also mental anxieties.

Red Vein Kratom

The red ones are considered the best strain because of their calming property. For those who want to relax their minds and body, this is the best choice! Red strains are not the mild ones as they are strong pain killers and the kick is different.


It relaxes our bodies in the fastest way possible. If you have problems related to insomnia, this kratom strain is the answer. Red kratoms also have different types like Thai, Sumatra, Pontianak red horn, etc.


Getting a good sleep after a long day is what many of us want. Red vein kratom allows us to have quality sleep at night and promotes our overall well-being.

Super Speciosa

This top-tier strain gives an instant mood enhancement to users. It is best known for its ability to give a morning energy boost and is great at being a pain killer.


It is suggested to start with a small dose first before increasing to check how it affects your mind and body. It has consumable tablets, capsules, and powders that are flexible according to your needs.

Rashes as a Response

Rashes are changes on our skins – be it in skin color or texture. They are known to result from inflammation of the skin, which also has many causes. There are many types of rashes but they are easy to distinguish from other skin conditions.


Some visible symptoms of skin rashes are skin redness, itchiness, fluid-filled blisters, and scaly skin. These rashes can be found on different parts of the body like the neck, underarms, arms, toes, and the like.


These are usually responses from having allergic reactions to something – be it allergens, heat, infection, or medications.

Kratom and Skin Rash

Can kratom cause skin rash? Yes, it is possible but take note that not every kratom user can experience skin rashes as allergies to this vary from person to person.


Kratom has different strains such as white, green, and red. Kratom colors dictate the course of your whole experience. All these strains affect people differently according to what is expected from them.


White is known to be an energy booster while green acts as a stimulant and analgesic for better functioning. Red, on the other hand, is the most powerful one and is a great strain for managing severe pain.


Although the reactions could be the same, it should be noted here that being allergic to a certain strain does not mean being allergic to all kratom strains. Some users have been using kratom for more than five years but no allergic reaction happened.

Treatment for Kratom-related Rashes

Rash from kratom is not a secret from all current and future kratom users as all drugs – laboratory-made or naturally acquired, have their own risks and side effects. And just like all of them, kratom-related rashes also have treatments.


Just like other skin rashes, it is recommended to avoid scrubbing your skin as it will only create wounds. Cortisone cream can help stop the itchiness and other anti-itch products like antihistamines.


However, it should be noted that some people may also have allergies to antihistamines which may make it more severe. It is better to apply gentle cleansers to help moisturize your skin and keep it clean.


It is also recommended to avoid putting cosmetic ointments or lotions directly on your rash as it may just irritate your skin more. Putting on a cold compress or having cool showers can also alleviate the itching brought on by the rashes.


Finally, the best recommendation here is to visit your physician and ask for a treatment plan. There are cases wherein a change in strain might have triggered your allergic reactions. It is still a lot better to be guided by professionals.


Kratom is a powerful herbal tool that we, humans, can use to treat different problems like severe pain, stress, anxiety, and the like. But it is always imperative to check how a specific strain can affect our body function.


Some people are allergic to one strain, while others are allergic to all of them. If you are experiencing kratom-related rashes, it is best to do first-aid home remedies and then consult your doctors immediately.


Also, check the stores you are buying from as some of them are not legitimate and might offer low-quality products that could be detrimental to your health in the long run.



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