October 6, 2019

KENT Prime vs Aquaguard Superb: Which Water Purifier is Best

Kent Prime 9-Litres Wall Mountable RO+UV+UF+TDS Controller (White) 20-Ltr/hr Water Purifier

The quality of water that you consume is something that you cannot jeopardize with to lead a healthy life. Although the water that you receive goes through a purification process, nevertheless, it still has some impurities. Rust, deterioration, fractures in the pipelines through which water is supplied lead to contamination, which has to be removed before intake. This is the reason that you require an RO water purifier for your house. The concern, nevertheless, is which water purifier is ideal for you. In this blog site, we will compare water cleansers from two popular brands Aquaguard Superb RO+UV+UF+TDS Regulator and KENT Prime RO+UV+UF+TDS Controller. Continue reading to find out which water purifier is the best for you.

Factors to think about KENT Prime vs Aquaguard Superb

Before purchasing a water purifier, you need to examine specific elements to guarantee that you buy the right item. Here are some of the crucial aspects that you have to think about when trying to find an RO water purifier.
Water Quality

Before setting up a water purifier, inspect the water quality that you receive. Depending upon the quality of water, you have to pick a water purifier that eliminates the impurities present in water and make it suitable for consumption.
Purification Technology

The next thing that you need to search for when buying a water purifier is the purification technology. Water purifiers from various brand names use a mix of technology to get rid of different kinds of pollutants and make water ideal for consumption.
Storage Capacity

This is another crucial element that you need to think about when buying a water purifier. The storage capacity guarantees that you get purified water even in the lack of electrical power. Depending on the size of your household and water usage, you need to choose a water purifier with the best storage capacity.

ProductKENT PrimeAquaguard Superb
Purification Capacity20L/hr18L/hr
Storage Tank Capacity9 Liters6.5 liters
ColorWhite and BlueBlack and White
Weight8.3 kg6.57 kg
Dimension410 (L) x 260 (W) x 520 (H)325 x 260 x 475

KENT Prime RO+UV+UF Water Purifier.

KENT Prime water purifier.

An innovative RO water purifier, KENT Prime utilizes multi-stage purification procedure to get rid of various types of pollutants and make water suitable for consumption. At the heart of the water purifier is a reverse osmosis membrane which has blood vessels as little as 0.0001 microns. The membrane removes dissolved impurities such as salts, heavy metals and also transforms tough water to sweet. The water purifier likewise features a trademarked Mineral RO technology and TDS Controller which maintains the important minerals in cleansed water.

KENT Prime also features an all brand-new save water innovation that decreases waste. Standard RO water cleansers turn down roughly 80%. The save water innovation used by KENT Prime recuperates more than 50% of water as purified. The rejected water can be saved in a different tank and made use of for different purposes such as mopping and washing automobiles. The high storage and purification capability of the water purifier are some of the added functions of the water purifier.

Requirements of KENT Prime RO+UV+UF Water Purifier.

  • Multi-stage purification of RO+UV.
  • RO water recovery of more than 50%.
  • High storage capacity of 9 liters.
  • Inbuilt TDS Controller.
  • Wall-mountable style.
  • Completely automated operation.
  • Computer Controlled Operation.
  • Filter change and UV stop working alarm.
  • ABS Food Grade Construction.

Aquaguard Superb RO+UV+UF+TDS Regulator.

Aquaguard Superb water purifier.

Aquaguard Superb, an RO water purifier from Eureka Forbes, comes with an innovative innovation that gets rid of pollutants and makes water safe for consumption. The Aquaguard Superb water purifier is also equipped with RO + UV + UF + TDS controller. RO membrane eliminates dissolved impurities such as salts, heavy metals, chemical and physical pollutants from water. It likewise plays an essential role in decreasing solidity in water. UV innovation present in the water purifier eliminates microorganisms from water to prevent water-borne diseases.

The water purifier can likewise save 6.5 liters of purified water. The feature guarantees that you get supply of tidy drinking water even in the lack of electrical power. Aquaguard Superb likewise has an excellent design which includes visual appeal to your cooking area.

SPECIFICATIONS OF Aquaguard Superb RO+UV+UF+ TDS Regulator.

Some of the essential specs of the purifier are as follows:.

  • Triple filtration enhances the taste of water.
  • Mineral guardTM keeps essential minerals.
  • Silver Impregnated carbon cartridge boosts taste of water.
  • Tight seal lid avoids external contamination.
  • Biotron CartridgeTM breaks down water molecules for simple absorption.
The Final Decision after comparing KENT Prime vs Aquaguard Superb
Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Superb 6.5-Litre Table Top/Wall Mountable RO+UV+UF+MTDS White Water Purifier

After comparing the features of both the cleansers, KENT Prime appears to be a better option than Aquaguard Superb. Here are some of the factors KENT Prime is a better choice:.

  • KENT Prime has 9 liters of storage capacity while Aquaguard Superb has just 6.5 liters which is very low as compared to Kent Prime.
  • KENT Prime likewise comes with a distinct save water technology that decreases wastage. Aquaguard Superb do not have any such features inbuilt.
  • KENT Prime is available at a rate of INR 19,000 as compared to Aquaguard Superb available at a price of INR 21,999.

Considering the additional functions, it may be safe to say that KENT Prime is a much better choice in terms of technology and cost.

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