October 7, 2022


Actor- producer, one of the highest paid Indian celebrities who has given us many memorable characters. She is no stranger to the citizens of India and of the world too. She is also a mental health ambassador from India since she too previously was a victim of fickle mental health battling with depression but this actress hasn’t let it come in between her life as an obstacle but rather went ahead with spreading awareness on the topic.

She is also one of the most sought-after fashion Icons in the country and I believe it is safe to say that she is one of the most beautiful women in the world.

No takebacks.

She was also named as one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Times in 2018 which added on to her success.

Her fashion choices, as is the main theme of this blog, has brought out and marked the beginning of various trends that just stole our hearts.

Yes, we’re talking about Deepika Padukone.

In this blog we look at 10 fashion choices that the star made that completely blew and that’s not even the best part.

The best part is that all of her looks are in a saree.


Colorful Saree Look

[Image courtesy: Pinterest]

Sporting a colorful saree, the beauty has broken fashion norms. I mean, never before had I seen a saree as such but after this, I’m totally digging the look.

Every Indian mom: Look even actresses are reusing old clothes to make more clothes and you want to spend more money. Learn something from her.


Royal Saree Look


[Image courtesy: Pinterest]

Deepika Padukone in saree is absolutely stunning like I cannot even imagine how flawless she looks. One would say that she absolutely rocks this look. The Bindi, the earrings, the necklace, the intricate pattern in her saree, just everything screams her name.

PS: Bun hairstyle with saree looks really gorgeous; so, go ahead and try it to take your saree look up a notch.


Cocktail Saree Look


[Image courtesy: Pinterest]

A saree to a party, that looks nothing special (I mean if I wore it, I would look like someone who came to a party with a hangover) but she makes it look special. The gold borders to the black-blue saree just screamed every single girl’s name ever.

I think it called out to me too but you know what I would look like if I wore it but no harm in indulging with some virtual fiction, right?

Like no wonder she is in worlds most beautiful women.


Pink Saree Look


[Image courtesy: Pinterest]

Why so gorgeous? Just why?


Ultimate combination that just makes you want to get into shape and up your fashion game which in my case will take another couple of rebirths.


Red Saree Look

[Image courtesy: Pinterest]

Floral print is supposed to be cute and refreshing. Since when did it take up the role of bring hot and sensual but also inviting a fresh air into the scenery?

Since a bold and beautiful women started sporting it.


Gold Saree Look

[Image courtesy: Pinterest]

A saree with metallic finish and gold ornaments for side dish. A must have fashion pieces if you are a fashion enthusiast.


Elegant Saree Look

[Image courtesy: Pinterest]

Just playing around with the pink color and contrasting it with its own shades. Not a lot of embroidery but just enough to make it stylish but also keep it professional.

True sign of ‘fit for occasion’.


Traditional Saree Look


[Image courtesy: Pinterest]

I have run out of words, compliments, adjectives and literally anything else to tell you readers about this picture except that one day I will take a picture with this amount of perfection and camera quality.


Shimmer Saree Look

[Image courtesy: Pinterest]

It’s old and definitely gold.



White Saree Look

[Image courtesy: Pinterest]

Hope to receive a thank you letter from you readers for blessing you with such stunning pics of a breathtaking beauty.

You are most welcome.


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