November 15, 2022

If you are a customer of a popular bank, then you may be using online services to mitigate your banking requirements and check out your bank balance through the online route. However, there are usually instances when you may not have access to an internet connection or when your online banking server may be down. Here in such cases, the major question that may arise is how you can check your balance in your bank account or fetch your statements online in case of any urgency. Here, in this blog discussed are ways how you can fetch your bank statement without accessing your net banking or providing your banking credentials on the online bank platform.

Apart from fetching your account statement through the net banking route, there are various other ways to download your bank statement or simply check your bank account balance online, let’s have a look at those –

Via the bank’s application

  • For this, you must download the bank’s app from the App Store or Google play store from the bank’s site.
  • Next, you must sign in on the bank’s application
  • Once you sign in, select the view balance, download account, or bank statement or view transaction history options to fetch the bank transactions or balance.
  • Choose the date range to get the account statement.
  • Select the email statement or download statement option. Once you do so, an encrypted fill may be generated, which either you may download or may be emailed to your provided email account.
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To understand this better, consider this instance. Suppose you have a Bank of Baroda account, which you are unable to access through your net banking as the bank’s server is down. Now, you immediately require the Bank of Baroda mini statement for a necessary purpose, which you cannot postpone. In such a scenario, instead of visiting the bank physically for the Bank of Baroda mini statement, you can download the bank’s application. Next, you may sign up or register and then easily access the details, which you require to provide in the form of PDF format. Yes, it is right, you will get your Bank of Baroda mini statement in PDF format. The same is true if you want to access your Axis bank mini statement. For this too, you must download the Axis bank app. Once you log in to the application, you can easily download the Axis bank mini statement.

Check up on your registered mail

  • Sign into your registered mail account.
  • Once done, search for the account statement, bank statement or bank transaction summary.
  • Bank usually mails you your transaction summary through regular emails that are password protected in PDF format.
  • Download this file and ensure to decrypt the same while uploading your bank statement.
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By visiting an ATM

  • Approach the nearest ATM with your bank card.
  • Input the four-digit PIN number
  • Choose or select the get mini statement, print mini statement, or get account statement options.
  • Once done, you will get the printed copy on your bank account’s mini statement.

Get bank statements via a missed call

To get a bank mini statement of your savings account, you may give a missed call to the bank’s number provided on its website from your registered phone number. After you ring the number, it will get disconnected automatically and you will get the statement in the message form. The bank statement will show you your past 5 transactions made from your savings account.

Note that, you must ensure to call from your registered phone number linked with your bank. In the case, you have not registered your number with the bank, then ensure you do so before you use this route.

For instance, suppose you want to fetch your Axis bank mini statement but cannot visit the bank for the same as the bank is closed. So, for this, you can fetch your Axis bank mini statement by giving a missed call on the Axis bank number mentioned on the Axis bank website. Ensure to give a missed call from your registered number on the bank’s number. Once you do so, your mini statement will be sent to you in a few minutes on your registered number.

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Use SMS banking for mini statement

To get the mini statement, you can even use the SMS mode. For this, you just require sending an SMS from your registered number. After some time, you will get a mini statement from your bank on your registered phone. This mini statement will consist of the past 5 transactions that you performed using your savings bank account.

The best options for downloading your account statement without using your net banking credentials are –

From the above, there are 2 prudent ways to download your bank statement without using your net banking credentials –

Download the bank app to view your statement

Download and install your bank mobile app on your phone. Once you do that, sign in using the login credentials or the MPIN that you created. After this, search for the option for bank statements. Hit on the bank statement or transaction details option and then open it. Note that it will be password protected so to open it you must use the password.

Approach the nearest bank ATM

  • Approach the nearest bank ATM machine.
  • Insert the debit card and follow all the instructions step by step to avail the banking services.
  • Choose the mini statement option from the displayed option on the ATM machine.
  • Once done, the ATM will print out the mini statement showing your past few transactions.
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Apart from the above convenient​ and simple​ methods, here are some of the other methods you can use – 

  • You as a user can always visit your nearest bank branch and provide a written request for the account statements without net banking. You will get the statements immediately with the bank’s signature and stamp on them. However, note that for this the bank may charge you a nominal amount.
  • You as a banking user may even benefit by registering for the free email alerts from your respective bank. Note that, once you register, you will monthly receive your bank statements online in pdf format. The bank statements are protected by a password.


To conclude, it can be stated that there are different methods to view your bank statement. You are completely free to select any method as per your preference and convenience if the net banking is not working. So, next time, do not panic if your net banking account does not work, remember there are other ways too to fetch your mini statement or bank statement.


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