October 18, 2022

Banners are possibly the simplest form of advertising a business can use to raise brand awareness and attract customers. They are low-tech but incredibly effective and value for money and remain in widespread use despite the emergence of several advertising alternatives. Irrespective of whether you are a large or a small business, you can use attractively-designed banners indoors or outdoors to advertise your business, support community events, or join in celebrations and observations. According to Forbes, outdoor advertising is ideal for small businesses with budgetary limitations. However, choosing the correct banner material can be difficult if you do not know its pros and cons.


Vinyl banners are durable, cost-effective, and permit the good reproduction of designs. Lightweight 13 oz. vinyl material is ideal for indoor use since the elements do not affect it, while advertisers favor using the 18 oz. material for outdoor use because of its higher strength and life. Regardless of where you use them, vinyl banners offer excellent good value for money with high display versatility and image quality. Typically, vinyl has a semi-gloss finish, which can cause glare if light falls on them directly, however, you can choose vinyl material in a matte finish that reduces the glare considerably.

The higher-gauge vinyl is smoother, which allows for better printing quality. You can also get a version with a black coating on the reverse that does not permit light to pass through the material and affect the intensity of colors on the front side. However, you cannot print on both sides of the vinyl material, and large banners can be heavy, especially when printed on heavy-gauge vinyl.

Fabric Banners 

You can choose fabrics like cotton, canvas, satin, polyester, etc., for making a fabric banner. Even though you can have high-quality color prints on these banners for advertising your products, they are best for indoor use as exposure to bright sunshine, rain, snow, etc., quickly degrades their longevity. However, you can have a high-quality reproduction, if you use the dye sublimation process to print.

Mesh Banners 

The small holes in mesh banners make them ideal for outdoor use, especially in windy conditions, since the mesh allows the wind to pass through the material easily, and not cause it to tear or blow away. The quality of reproduction of the design is good because of the small size of the mesh holes though it is not as high as possible on vinyl banners. If you use mesh banners, you should be prepared for the graphics to appear lighter, but when viewed from a distance, it will not matter. Due to the construction, mesh banners are typically much lighter than conventional vinyl banners and possess high wind resistance. Most mesh banners come with hemmed edges to prevent them from tearing in the wind.


Banners are among the most versatile advertising materials for indoor and outdoor use. The choice of the right banner material will enable the banners to be printed and displayed optimally and ensure long service life. Their relatively low cost makes it possible for businesses to change them frequently according to the advertising campaign.

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