November 30, 2021

Online classes apps  have been a part of the education system for a long, but it has gained its popularity in the difficult times of the pandemic. The popularity emerged as we witnessed all our schools, educational institutes, and colleges being forced to shut down at a time. Students felt relieved at first, as they thought they were getting holidays for a few days, and life would be normal after the imposed 21 days extended lockdown. Neither the lockdown nor the virus ended with the lockdown. The government and authorities had to extend lockdowns to curb the spread of the virus, which were at its initials.

After March 2020, online teaching became an integral part of the education sector. It was the only alternative that could be implemented to minimize the loss that the education sector was born with.

During the first and the strictest lockdown only, the students started getting bored and sometimes would also think that there is nothing to do in their lives, they can’t meet their friends and cannot go to schools or parks to play with friends. It was vital to introduce students to some new tools and technologies under online education which could help them feel lonely socially.

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Online teaching and hybrid learning  has also become easy for the students to meet each other over phone calls and video sessions for lessons. Thus, they could continue their social bonds with each other and thus grow academically.

Benefits of Online Teaching:

If you ask us, there are a billion advantages that we can tell you about this, but here we will name and discuss a few among them, to make this article short, concise, and engaging.

Offers Flexibility

It is one of the examples which you have come across every time you visit any article discussing the beneficiaries of online education, Right? Of course, this is something very basic or the very pillar of support that it imparts students with. When lurking around your neighborhood is also not safe, online teaching helps you complete your education at home only, making you feel comfortable and fearless. Also, where this form of learning protects the students from the deadly virus lurking around us, it enables the student to save some time, which they cannot because of the physical classes. Saving time and energy is essential to carry out different activities that can further help oneself enrich their personality.

Parental Engagement is Encouraged.

Here, in this mode of education that is the online mode, Parents have to take care, engage and look into the activities of their children. As students here will be dealing with technical tools, parents at home have to look after them, thus increasing parental Engagement in the Online program for the students as well.

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Reliable Storage is Easy.

With online education and methods, students can now record their lectures and lessons for further revision work and attend the same for as many times they want to attend it. It makes you understand any concept so better that you won’t ever forget it.

Personalized and Selective Learning 

With online education, we don’t get to study anything at our own pace. Still, we also can choose between the courses or the faculty we want to learn the particular concept from.


Thus, Online learning or teaching has become an integral part of the education system we are having. Especially since the pandemic hit us, online education has become an important medium and compulsion to impart education among the students. It helped maintain the continuity of teaching and learning, which seemed impossible at the beginning of the pandemic.


There are also particular additional beneficiaries it provides us with, which are not discussed here to make the video short and catchy. Still, you people got to discuss the same among you, to help you elaborate the topic and understand the changes made and importance of those changes. Also, do let us know through Reviews or comments. We would love to hear it out from our readers.

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