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October 20, 2018

64 Common Signs and Effects of Dehydration or Drinking Less water.

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Dehydration means when water in your body decreases by even 1% of the total water volume. This loss or reduction in water within your body has some very bad consequences. The level of dehydration in your body can cause minor to serious health issues including dry skin, weight gain, constipation, thyroid, kidney stones and even cancer.

Every cell and tissue in our body depends on water. Water is essential to supply nutrients, flush toxins, and keeps the organ functioning properly. Many people often mistake the feeling of being thirsty with hunger. And this is the primary reason that many of us to eat more instead of drinking water. This further leads to a minor state of dehydration which many people suffer without being aware about it.

Lets read these 64 common signs and effects of dehydration.

 Slight yellow urine with a foul smell

Slight yellow urine with a foul smell
  • The color of your urine indicates if you are dehydrated.
  • When you drink enough water throughout the day your urine is clear or with no color.
  • Dark yellow urine means your body needs water immediately.
  • If you haven't urinated in past 3 hours that means your water intake is lower than usual.
  • Smell of ammonia will form in your urine if your body is low on water.
  • Too much bubbles in urine also indicate that you are dehydrated.

 Dizziness due to Dehydration

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  • Our blood is made up of  water.
  • When the water level in body drops your blood pressure will drop too.
  • This leads to low blood pressure and wobbliness.

 Constant headache or brain fog

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  • 90% of the times dehydration is the cause of headaches.
  • When blood pressure drops due to low water, its becomes harder for heart to work and push sufficient blood to the brain.
  • Less blood flow means less oxygen for brain , this leads to headache.
  • The fact to remember is that our brain is 90% water.
  • If water level is not sufficient you will feel loss of concentration along with problems in remembering things.

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 Fatigue and Sleepiness

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  • Feeling tired and sleepy all the time means you are lacking water.
  • This can also be considered as a warning sign about low blood pressure and less oxygen reaching brain.
  • Most athletes feel tired and blame it on the muscle exertion, buy studies revealed that the tiredness is caused by dehydration.
  • Your heart has to work overtime to supply nutrients and oxygen, this may lead to heart diseases.

Being more Irritable.

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  • A study done by University of Connecticut’s revealed that dehydration often leads to negative mood swings.
  • Even slight dehydration can easily become serious cause of mood swings for many people.
  • You and your body wont feel happy without drinking sufficient water.

 High Blood Pressure

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  • Low level of water in blood makes your blood thicker.
  • Thicker blood can't flow efficiently thought your body.
  • This less efficient thick blood results in high blood pressure.
  • High blood pressure condition is often the cause of stroke and cardio vascular diseases.

 Higher Cholesterol Levels

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  • Your body raises the cholesterol levels to prevent the cells from loosing water.
  • This leads to a high cholesterol level in your body.
  • Your body tries to defend your cells from dehydration.

Dry Skin

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  • Hard and dry skin is a signal of dehydration.
  • Healthy , shining and glowing skin can be maintained by drinking sufficient water.
  • Water acts as the cleanser and removes all toxins from your body.
  • Toxin free body leads to youthful and health skin.
  • Drinking enough water can save your skin from diseases like psoriasis and dermatitis.

Regular Constipation

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  • Your body has many joints which carry a lot of weight throughout the day.
  • Your joints have cartilages which needs water to relive the friction caused by the body weight.
  • Joint pain is caused by the friction of cartilages, due to low water in your body.

 Weight Gain

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  • Low water level in body encourages bacteria buildup.
  • Due to low water level your kidneys cant work efficiently and toxins from your body are not removed as effectively as they should be.
  • Bladder and kidneys are the organs which easily catch infections due to improper toxin levels in your body.
  • This leads to severe kidney diseases and often kidneys failure in human body.

 Crystals in Urine

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  • Low water level in body leads to a concentrated urine.
  • Concentrated urine when analyzed via urinalysis shows small crystals in your urine.
  • A study revealed that dehydration often increases the urinary salts in Marathon runners.
  • This increased salts are also cause of oxalate dihydrate crystals in urine.
  • Severe and longer untreated dehydration can cause death.
  • Low water in the body can even cause organ failure and coma in some people.

What should i Drink?

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  • Water is the best fluid to drink.
  • You also get plenty of fluids from fruits , vegetables and some foods.
  • Cucumber, grapes, carrot and cabbage are rich in fluids.
  • Green tea, flavored drinks, soups , fruit juices can also be included in your daily routine to over cone dehydration and maintain water balance.
  • Black tea and coffee are diuretics and often make you urinate more. But this doesn't mean they are helping you in restoring you water balance, its just a side effect of drinking them.
  • You need to maintain your water balance and drink more water
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What are the Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Water ?

We have read above, how important water is for your good health. You must carry a water bottle with you and also teach your kids to drink sufficient water in a day. We loose a lot of water during the day from urinating, sweating and breathing. You should carefully maintain and replenish the lost fluids in our body.

Water Ratio in the Human Body

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Human body contains around 70% water.

  • The average sized man has between 55% and 62% water in their body
  • A new-born baby has 80% water in their body
  • Over Weight people have a  decreased the percentage of water in their body, as low as 43%
  • The amount of water constantly drops in human body from birth to old age.
  • Water loss is more, during the initial 9 years of your life.

Read these 18 Benefits of Drinking Water

  • It helps in proper body growth
  • It helps in body building and maintains it.
  • Water helps in  regulating body temperature
  • Important chemical reactions in the body require sufficient water.
  • Water acts as a lubricant for your joints and eyes
  • Water helps in proper digestion of food.
  • It helps in proper flushing out waste and toxins
  • Body fluid balance is maintained by water
  • Muscles needs proper water to stay energetic.
  • Fair skin and water balance are related
  • Water helps in proper bowel functions
  • Water also helps in improving your concentration levels
  • Water helps in reducing headaches caused by dehydration
  • Water helps you in loosing weight
  • It Improves muscle and  joints health in your body
  • It improves physical performance
  • Water helps to avoid mood swings and Improve emotional outlook.

We hope this article will encourage you to drink more water and stay healthy. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below. You can check the links below or search our blog for more answers on water and health.

Drink Pure, Stay Blessed !

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