June 14, 2021

How to Select the Right Eyewear for Your Face Shape

Glasses come in various finishes and colors that cater to the trending styles. However, the shape has more impact because it provides more structure to your face. An odd-looking pair may not compliment your face and put off the whole look. Hence, it is essential to research your facial shape before buying eyeglasses. There are all kinds of eyewear glasses shapes available in the market. You can also find a plethora of designs that look good on your face. Therefore, we created this guide to ease your shopping experience.

Beauty vector illustration of sunglasses for different faces. Five female face types: round, oval, rectangle, circle, square, triangle

Square Face

This face shape has a proportionate structure. Most of the square-shaped faces have a wide jaw and a broad forehead. Moreover, their cheekbones stand out and add to the contoured appearance of the face. Such people should go for softer-looking glasses to smooth out their facial features. A pair of round glasses will look good on this face shape. Besides, oval eyeglasses also go well with this facial structure. Many brands offer this shape with various color options. Hence, you can look into international brands or local options to choose your favorite pair. You can also go for a simplistic or embellished look, depending on your style.

Triangular Face

People with a triangular face shape have a narrow chin, a sharp jawline, and a broad forehead. Such people should stay away from angular designs and edgy frames. The best eyeglasses for a triangular face shape are round and oval glasses. These frames make your face appear more symmetrical and proportionate. Besides, they give a fashionable retro look that goes well in every season. Nowadays, these glasses are in the latest trends, and you can find many options in this design. The choice of metal, plastic and acetate materials are also available with these frames. So, choose your favorite design to make a fashion statement every day.


Round Face

A round face has softer features with a less sharp jawline and cheekbones. This face shape has a proportionate look and the facial features do not appear as contoured. Such people can opt for geometrical style glasses such as cat-eye frames. Moreover, they have the option of other angular designs that have an upswept structure. These pairs help uplift the face and give a more chiseled look. Besides, the top rim of these glasses goes along the eyebrows to provide a lifted appearance. You can also look for other geometrical designs, such as hexagonal glasses. These glasses for girls made it to the top trends of the year as well.

Rectangular Face

This face shape is almost similar to the square shape but it looks more elongated. People with a rectangular face shape have a structured look with a prominent jawline. They need a pair of glasses that balance their features. Such people can opt for chunky frames with a wide shape. Some of the popular designs of the year include hipster glasses that have thick rims. These glasses enhance the features and give a balanced look to the face. Also, some people choose aviator frames to amplify their appearance. These glasses have an evergreen vibe that never goes out of style. Hence, you can invest in a pair of aviator glasses that lasts you for years.

Oval Face

An oval face has a prominent cheekbone with a proportionate forehead and jaw. These people can flaunt almost every type of glasses. Most of the people with this shape go for a classic wayfarer style. However, you can experiment more and go for a pair that suits your face best. Overall, this shape can carry all glasses types and look the best every time. Some people with oval faces also like to give their features a sharper appearance. Hence, they opt for more edgy frames such as cat-eye glasses.

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