May 26, 2022 has flourished under Mr. Liu’s leadership. JD has evolved into a new form of business, and it will continue to support the real economy’s high-quality growth. This is thanks to the characteristics of the real economy, digital technologies, and skills the company has developed. The company’s growth is intertwined with China’s actual economy. Mr. Richard Liu is in charge of the company’s efforts to provide high-quality jobs, increase industrial efficiency, and serve society.

The company has been actively participating in China’s disaster assistance, rural rejuvenation, and other social initiatives for the public benefit. They have achieved this using their strengths in the technology supply chain and more. Mr. Richard Liu aggressively led the company to participate in the fight against COVID-19 in 2020. This bold move has earned him and his team national recognition and the trust of JD users from all over the country.

Mr. Richard Liu and his team are commended for their care and prompt assistance in Hong Kong’s fight against the epidemic. The team plans to inventory the supplies and transport them soonest possible to ensure that they reach medical personnel on the leading edge in time to meet their immediate necessities. In the fight against COVID-19, the team will be both lifesaving and essential.

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On the 18th of February, the e-commerce giant announced that COVID-19 relief materials worth RMB 100m yuan would be distributed to Hong Kong healthcare practitioners to aid in the virus’s fight. The “Hong Kong Community Anti-Coronavirus Link,” a frontline volunteer organization in Hong Kong, will coordinate the donations.

On the 23rd of February, JDs first shipment arrived in the city, carrying approximately 15,000 protective garments. The first batch consists of over 6,000 personal protective equipment boxes. These PPEs comprise gels, masks, gloves, and sanitizers which, over the weekend, were sent from manufacturers and warehouses all over China and gathered in Shenzhen. In addition to this, Mr. Liu stated that more batches were on their way.

More COVID-19 relief goods will be shipped to JD’s warehouse in Hong Kong. The local non-profit Hong Kong Community Anti-Coronavirus Link will distribute them to hospitals.

JD rallied inventory and created a unique site on its App to provide Hong Kong customers with online shopping convenience. With discounts and free delivery as well, this move was aimed at reducing cross-infections. This move also aims to meet Hong Kong residents’ growing demand for basic and anti-epidemic necessities.

The e-commerce company said it would be in constant contact with the non-profit group and offer assistance as needed in the fight against the pandemic’s recurrence in Hong Kong.

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JD has also established a free online consultation service for Hong Kong residents, in addition to their other efforts. Those seeking healthcare assistance and medical instructions on avoiding COVID infection from telemedicine specialists will benefit from this service.

In the last two years, has been using its supply chain infrastructure capabilities and technology gains to meet its social obligation. The company has achieved this by assisting in preventing and managing COVID-19 outbreaks in various parts of China. The company has also supported South Africa and several Asian and European countries by donating to them in fighting efforts against Covid-19.

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