August 25, 2022


Nowadays, people can find dishes and goodies in every taste. There is no need to mention that fast food is considered probably the most usually consumed type of food.

This is certainly true that such food is tasty, however, it will not assist you to reduce your risk of all-cause death. Let’s consider how a Mediterranean diet protects from heart disease and cancer and why it is advised by specialists of the WHO.

H1: What is a Mediterranean Diet?

Are you looking for ways to stay healthy and fit? Then, you can find a large number of useful diets with the help of which you are able to achieve what you want. But why is the “blue zone” diet worth your attention?

A Mediterranean diet is also known as a vegetable-based diet. Its ingredients are as a rule associated with longevity, improved work of the heart, and cognitive health. As you may guess, vegetables are the main constituent of this diet. Eating together and sticking to this diet with your family members and friends, help to reduce your risk of early death.

Aside from vegetables, a Mediterranean diet also includes plants such as greens and herbs, fish, olive oil, legumes, etc. What’s more, this type of diet allows consuming a little bit of meat and drinking very little alcohol.

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H2: Mediterranean Diet is Easy to Follow

Comparing a Mediterranean diet with other options, it is simple to stick to. You can plant vegetables directly on your windowsill or gardens and consume your own ingredients. With the assistance of the vegetable plant identifier app, you will be able to define the necessary crops for planting. What’s more, with the Lily plant identification application, you will have the possibility to learn how to take care of your landings.

With the assistance of a vegetable and house plant finder, you will be able also to get recommendations from botanic experts. With proper plant care, you will grow vegetables which in their turn will be utilized in your Mediterranean diet.

H2: Utility of the Mediterranean Diet

Why precisely is a vegetable-based diet honored to be advised by the World Health Organization? The main reason is the utility of the “blue zone” diet. Almost all constituents of this diet will be useful for your heart. For example, olive oil and nuts can assist in lowering the level of cholesterol. Fruits, vegetables, and beans assist in clearing arteries.

Fish assists in lowering triglycerides and blood pressure. You will be surprised, but even drinking a glass of wine from time to time will be useful for your heart. According to numerous pieces of research, a Mediterranean diet really protects from heart disease and cancer.

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H2: Mediterranean Diet and Longevity

It is worth mentioning that when we say that the Mediterranean diet can lead to longevity, It’s not just about diet. The Mediterranean diet will not be enough if your lifestyle remains wrong. A high life expectancy can be guaranteed only if you change your lifestyle as well.

A proper lifestyle involves taking naps, physical activity, eating together, less urgency, etc. If you consider that it is complicated to stick to the Mediterranean lifestyle, this means you did not even try this.

H3: Conclusion

There are an endless number of benefits the Mediterranean diet can bring. If your vegetable and plant care are correct during growing, they will take care of your organism in the future. It is recommended for everyone who decides to stick to the Mediterranean diet to have a vegetable and house plant finder in a device.

Thus, you are able to eat deliciously and at the same time take care of your health. Try to adhere to a Mediterranean diet and as a result, you reduce your risk of all-cause death and will become a step closer to longevity.


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