July 18, 2022

You may often hear about baskets or even bump into them while scrolling through home-décor items but never think about using them…. mainly because you probably don’t know how useful it is.

That is why here I will list ten ways in which you can arrange your home with a basket. Believe me, when I say this, baskets make for excellent storage space in your home and provide an elegant appearance.

  1. Use it as storage for your living room

If you want storage space for your living room, there is nothing like a Bolga basket. You can place it near the fireplace to enhance your home’s beauty and take it for shopping or gardening.

You will find multiple-styled Bolga baskets on Bashiri. The best part about Bolga baskets is that you can reshape them just by immersing them in water for 1-2 minutes.


  1. Put it in your bathroom


Some people don’t have cabinet space in their bathroom, and finding the right place to store dry towels is often a challenge. And, of course, redesigning the whole bathroom can be an expensive affair.


Instead, you can put a cloth basket and roll the towels in it. You also won’t have to worry about mold and mildew. But make sure that you are not using wicker baskets. It is not appropriate for the bathroom environment.

Store extra bathroom essentials like soap, shampoo, etc., and place them under the bathroom cabinet or counter. You can even put some baskets near the commodes to store toilet paper.


  1. Store objects near the doorway


You can place the basket on shelves or under the table near your house’s entryway. Store the less important things on the higher selves like hats, bags, gloves, etc., and use the baskets for storing stuff like umbrellas.


  1. Keep your plants in the basket


Yes, you heard that right. Nowadays, people are using baskets as planters, and let me tell you; it appears stunning!

You can purchase a variety of baskets to decorate the room with plants. It will not only appear unique but will also give your home a positive environment.


  1. Take advantage of the wasted spaces


Most times, we forget about the space on top of the fridge and cabinets. Instead, you can put baskets there to store things. A wire basket or fabric basket can be great for spaces like these. They are easy to clean and are absolutely low maintenance.


  1. Build kid’s corner


I have hardly met kids who can keep things in order. Instead, most of them run around the house and forget their toys in the bedroom, sofa, or stairs.


You can keep a few baskets handy to store their favorite toys or books and organize them on the shelves later in the day.


  1. Organize your kitchen


Utilize wire baskets to store glass items like plates or cups, vegetables, etc., in the kitchen. For example, veggies like potatoes and onion must be stored in baskets to help preserve their freshness.


You can even organize your pantry with these baskets. However, make sure to create name tags for each basket to locate them faster.


  1. Make extra space in the closet

You can organize your crowded closet with the help of baskets.

Buy baskets in different sizes to store different things. For example, small, wired baskets are good for extra toiletries, candles, etc., and big ones can be used to store blankets, sheets, and towels.


Don’t use one basket to store different things. Instead, keep many baskets for tops, dresses, pants, innerwear, etc. Label each of them with tags and ensure you maximize the available space in your closet.


  1. Keep your counter space in order


If you’re passionate about cooking, I am sure you know how crucial it is to keep your counter space clean and organized. You can try low wide baskets or shallow baskets to store your counter essentials.


Over to you…

If you read till here, you already know baskets are so versatile and also economical. They enhance the beauty of your room and also allows you extra storage. Different types of baskets can be used for different purposes, so be wise when you step out for shopping.

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