June 17, 2022

 Art deco interiors originated in the 1920s and they symbolised the abundance of everything back when they came into existence. Art deco, post its inception, became a hit in the design scene due to the use of luxe elements which were very expensive back in the era. Ivory, crystal, lacquer and jade were a common sight to see in the lighting designs manufactured in those days.


As the world moved on, so did the entire art deco theme and people started substituting the extremely expensive elements with many affordable alternatives that were equally fabulous and glamorous. Chrome, plastic, metal, crystals, and glass soon became a very common sight to see in the art deco-themed lighting designs.


So, a design that basically flaunted hints of Parisian fauvism soon became a much more commonly accepted theme in most households by mid 20th century. But people still love this vivid design theme and we give the best ideas to give your home an eccentric yet grand look like never before.


  1. Crystal chandeliers for your common spaces


If you’re a design purist, then a crystal chandelier is just the perfect pick for your decor. Crystal chandeliers are not niche but they definitely symbolise opulence and elegance and they could be the best lighting designs to start with your art deco theme. The art deco theme usually had oversized chandeliers with a zig-zag or chevron patterns and if the design included a cascading effect, then it was just perfect. You can browse the web and find the finest living room crystal chandelier collections and you can pick the one that perfectly blends in with your decor.



  1. Wall lights for a glitzy ambience


Wall lights or wall sconces were one of the most important elements of the art deco theme. And if you have the space to get one, then wall lights with glass shades are what you’re looking for. The more decorative the glass shades, the better. Wall lights can not only enhance the aesthetic value of your space but create stunning focal points that bring an exceptional functionality quotient to your space. You don’t have to struggle a lot to find the most exquisite designs, as you can buy wall lights online and you’ll find pretty designs on the web too.



  1. Colours that fit this theme the best


While lighting designs and design languages are quite important factors to look at, the colours you choose for your art deco theme are equally important. So the colours involved in the original art deco movement included the entire Parisian fauvism palette with magenta, green, orange, blue, purple, yellow and relevant shades. But as the art deco theme evolved in the modern era, shades like beige, black and brown became quite dominant too.


  1. Design styles to go for


You’re not looking at anything particular to implement this theme. But geometric shapes, cubism, and graphic patterns are essential to recreate a perfect art deco theme. For chandeliers particularly, the sputnik style is one of the most common designs to go for as it struck a chord with art deco enthusiasts back in the 20th century.

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