Decorating Ideas for A Concrete Patio
April 20, 2021

There are multiple material kinds available in the market for constructing patios, however, concrete patios remain the top choice for most homeowners.

Concrete is a diverse material to work with. It forms a smooth surface with clean edges and can easily mold into geometric or mosaic-like patterns. You can add your favorite color palettes to remove the hint of dull gray from the concrete.

At the same time, concrete is known for being durable and affordable out of all other patio options. Moreover, if you have even the basic knowledge regarding handling concrete, you can do the job yourself and save money on hiring an expert.“Concrete patio mn is also easier to decorate. Its simplicity makes it easy to mix and match furniture and designs for your patio.”


concrete patio

But let us warn you. The first-timers may find concrete tricky to work with since it is not a single-person job. Even after watching all the tutorials online, you are still skeptical about handling your concrete pool deck by yourself, you are better off hiring a contractor.

The initial work is not that hard, all you need to do is pour the concrete mixture on a slab, but when it comes to creating textures and complex patterns, you may find hiring a contractor more suitable. Professional experts know the right techniques and tools to use.

Still, the simplest way to come up with elegant textures is to use a broom while the concrete is setting in multiple directions. This will add a sturdy texture to your concrete and prevent it from becoming too slippery.

Here are some classy, modern, and elegant concrete patio designs for your next renovation project.

1.  The Concrete Paver Patio Design

Go out for window shopping in the market and you will find multiple pre-assembled concrete paver designs in all types of shapes, sizes, and textures. They can be aesthetically placed to create desired patterns.

In case you hate weed growing in between the concrete spaces on the patio, go for joining the pavers to get an even surface and you will have no plantation.

You can also leave out the spaces on the seams of the pavers, and fill them up using gray pebbles or sandstones to add another texture.

2.  The Striped Patio Design

The California modern-day houses usually feature a hint of green in all their exterior upgrade designs whether it is the landscape or the patio. The concrete slabs are poured in vertical strips and the space in between is covered with carpet green grass stripes.

The green stripes can be of thyme since it can grow pretty fast and is non-slippery to walk on. The frame of the patio can be designed in patches of white, black gravel, and hints of gray. There is nothing more aesthetic than green with gray!

3.  The Seamless Patio Design

The seamless patio design features a smooth transition from the indoors to the outdoors. This design is inspired by the 20th century that is a choice of homeowners to date. It looks elegant as well as modern. Not to mention, the seamless patio design is timeless as well.

However, the seamless transition patio design is ideal for single-story housing, so that the homeowners can enjoy walking out of the indoor space to the outside through a glass door. The patio design can further be elevated by placing a nice coffee table outside, accessible through the glass door.

This seamless transition from outdoors to indoors can ideally be achieved by concrete. You will be lucky if you find your indoor flooring matching the concrete color of the patio.​

4.  The Patio Design With the Shades of the Desert

A patio design inspired by the shades of the desert can never go wrong. Do not be afraid to go bold with bright red and orange shades of the desert and the plants in your patio.

You can use concrete surfaces on the floor and the walls to your advantage. Paint them red, orange, green, or even below, go for shades that change their hue with dusk and dawn as the intensity of the sunlight fluctuates.

You can install aesthetic shades above the patio area to accommodate the sunlight during various times of the day.

5.  The Limited Space Patio Design

The conventional residential homes in small towns have a limited area to spare for the outdoor sitting space, hence, the available patio space is also limited. So, it is only smart not to go for extravagant designs in the limited patio area. Keep it simple and plain.

The smallest of the yards can be enhanced by using the right kind of plantation with single-colored flower beds, perhaps some gold-colored cactus, cement sculptures, and a green belt. Keep the boundary walls at a lower height if the area around is mountainous for a scenic view.

The patio is the place where one relaxes after a tiring day at work, make sure your patio is the place you can unwind properly at.

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