September 14, 2022

Springtime is coming. It marks the end of the cold winter and the period when nature reawakens. It is the time for flowers to bloom, the animals to emerge from hibernation and for you to rediscover the outdoors. And what is more Australian than expressing or reaffirming your love of the great outdoors?

The outdoors doesn’t refer only to the bush and isolated rural areas. Your backyard is an outdoor space. Therefore, as the weather warms up, you can look forward to opening your home and enjoying your favourite outdoor activities.

The last three years have profoundly affected the average Australian homeowner. Since everyone was restricted to their home, many Australians rediscovered their outdoor backyard areas as the ideal places to access fresh air, green spaces and sunshine.

It takes nothing more than some ingenuity and a little effort to transform your outdoor area into the ideal space. You only need to know how to take advantage of the available selection of outdoor furnishings and accessories. By exploring some style ideas, you can create an area that continually inspires you and your family members to get up and enjoy the outdoors while celebrating the changing seasons.

The beauty of change is that only the limits of your creativity bind you. However, it doesn’t hurt to follow guidelines that will help you make the best of what is available while allowing you to order your thoughts. Therefore, why don’t you keep reading to get tips on creative ways to transform your outdoor space this Spring?

Set The Stage ForAlfresco Dining

Outdoor dining areas evoke a feeling of effortless entertaining and carefree indulgence. Moreover, connecting your alfresco dining area to your indoor living space creates a seamless transition that opens up the house while drawing you outside.

In order to create the ideal alfresco dining space, you only need to consider its primary use and your preferred aesthetic. These décor pieces can range from simple bistro-style settings to large, elaborate contemporary suites that bring boisterous family barbeques, extravagant garden parties or intimate dinners to mind.

Add Greenery.

As mentioned above, Spring is the time when nature awakens after a long winter sleep. Therefore, it is the ideal time to employ greenery in transforming your outdoor space. Start by reviving dormant herb gardens and flowerbeds. You can also plant additional vegetation with different flora of your choice to create a spectacular outdoor space. For example, if you have a deck or pergola, you can use planter boxes for the former and climbing vines with the latter to create a lush garden.

Create a homely atmosphere.

When transforming a space, the feel is just as important as the look. So, when creating an area that draws you outside, it is essential to consider how to create an inviting feel.

One of the best ways to evoke a particular feel is using textures. Textural accessories often play a significant role in bringing your living room outside by creating a feeling of luxury. Moreover, pieces like throw pillows bring to mind the prospect of lazy afternoons you spend stretched out under the sun, while rugs give a sense of warmth while defining a specific space.

Less Is More.

This philosophy is just as relevant to outdoor decorating as it is to the interior. When transforming your outdoor space, it is best to keep to a clean, uncluttered, yet visually appealing aesthetic. If not, you risk overwhelming your outdoor space and diminishing its light, open and unencumbered feel.

Create Instant Ambience.

Use accessories like firepits, fairy lights or bistro lights to enhance the ambience in your outdoor space. These options are particularly effective after sundown when the darkness acts as the perfect counterpoint to highlight such potentially stunning enhancements.

So, this Spring, do not hesitate to find ways to make the most of your outdoor space. By employing a little creativity to transform the area, you ensure that your family will have no excuse for staying indoors.


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