March 23, 2022

Many times, hopeful gardeners go online to order plants and buy varieties they have longed for when viewing gardening shows or reading articles online with brilliant photos, believing they too could mimic the pictures. It’s terrific to have that drive and grit.


Unfortunately, without ever having worked with plants, it could indeed be a bit ambitious concerning some of the more complex species that require a great deal of maintenance.


The idea when just starting is to find plants that require minimal care and are nearly impossible to kill. You can go to Planted Pot to see some examples. These plants are exceptionally hardy, so if you make a mistake like maybe giving it too little water or perhaps overwater, you can make up for it, and the plant will likely still survive.


Let’s check out a few of these to help people make a more informed decision when shopping for plants for the first time.


Types Of Plants That Won’t Die – Easily


As a new person to the gardening world, you might want to buy a whole bunch of plants and dive right into the soil and water and fertilize and watch them grow.


Sadly, without understanding all the dynamics that go into each variety, the growing part might not happen, thriving might be challenging, even living might be a problem for some.


It’s essential to research and understand the plants you bring in, so you know what type of lighting they need to have, how much water will be required to survive, adequate soil for their species, if and what kind of fertilizer, and on.


Some plants don’t need much, but a sip of water every couple of weeks and not another thought. These are the ones that a newbie needs to start their journey into gardening with. Find out which plants you can forget, and they will still forgive you at


It gets your toes in the water, allows you to accomplish one step, and then you can gradually build up to a plant that requires more effort and progress in baby steps until you’re working in the big leagues. There are varieties of plants that supposedly won’t die, or at least you maybe can’t kill – easily. Let’s check out some of these.


●     The Mother-in-law’s tongue


The suggestion with this actually quite lovely plant is that you don’t have to pay a bit of attention to it, and it will thrive on its own accord. The plant will survive for nearly a month without the need for water.


So if you’re someone who has a hectic schedule, or perhaps you forget that you have a living thing growing in another room, the foliage is rather independent.


It is fond of some sunshine with tall, rather starched leaves that will arrive in varied sizes or even shapes. If you walk by and the soil happens to be dry to the touch, place the water to the pot’s edges rather than water in the center of the planted area.


●     The ZZ


This guy is even harder than the previous one mentioned, if you can believe that. It doesn’t require as much light. The plant will thrive in conditions that are dry, with pests, in a drought, and with as much neglect as you can throw at it. It boasts an indestructible option. Open here for other house plants that are remarkably tough to kill.


So, if you want a temporary plant, this is not the one. The foliage is also quite pretty in a shiny, vibrant color of green. It is considered a “succulent bulb” with a stem that protrudes from this. Therefore you will only need to give it a sip of water roughly one time each month.


●     The Peace Lily


The gorgeous peace lily will speak up when she needs a drink of water. As soon as her leaves begin to sag, you’ll know to get the watering can. In order to avoid getting to that point, it’s beneficial to have a spritz bottle on hand to give the plant a spray roughly every two weeks.


The suggestion is that this lily species acts in the capacity of an air purifier eliminating toxins with its presence. The foliage enjoys the bright sunshine. Be mindful that some varieties can grow as tall as six feet if you need something to feet in an area with a lot of height.

●     The Air Plant


A quite unusual plant that doesn’t require soil, instead, latching on to something else in nature like a rock or maybe a tree to survive. These are ideal if you’re limited on space since you can simply stick them in a glass bowl, put them on a decorative ornament, or refurbish a small aquarium for a few varieties.


Still, it’s vital not to overcrowd the plants since they need plenty of air and space to thrive. This foliage don’t want to be around the full sun and only need a water mist with a spritz bottle twice each week. It would be best to place them in a soaker bath every few weeks and then put them back in their home.


Final Thought


There are plenty more plants in the hardy varieties that you can have a blast working around without the threat of harming them. Once you see that you have the hang of taking care of the easy ones, you can then move on to the next level and so on until you reach those exotic examples you see in the photographs and on TV.

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