October 15, 2021

Commercial water coolers are a necessity in every office as providing fresh drinking water is every employer’s responsibility. Whether you are working in an office, establishment, hospital, retail store, or any other business, a water cooler is the solution to all your freshwater needs. Businesses prefer keeping water coolers as they offer clean water at lower costs and are environment friendly.

Other than a coffee-makers, picnic table, and good parking spot, a water dispenser is also one of the must-haves in your office. Several water coolers are available in the market that dispense both hot and cold water, but slight differences affect how you use them. If you are looking to purchase a water cooler, this article is a must-read for you. It discusses the benefits and types of water coolers fit for commercial use.

Bottled Water Coolers

The most common type of water cooler used in offices for decades is a bottled water cooler. They use a bottle to bring out water. They are available in two variables:

Top-Load Water Dispensers 

Yes, the image that comes to your mind on reading the word ‘Bottled water Cooler’ is exactly how it looks. A gallon bottle is put upside on it that sources the water. The gallon bottle needs to be changed every few hours. These are low-cost water dispensers but are not very environmentally friendly as they use plastic bottles.

Also, it needs to be cleaned every few days because of the fear of the development of germs. These water dispensers have a button tab that has three options; hot, cold and normal. You have to press the button, and water will dispense. They have a small drainage tray that collects the wastewater.

Bottom Load Water Dispensers

Bottled water coolers also have another type where the bottle is not put on top but is kept at the bottom. The water source is hooked up from the bottom, which lessens the strain of changing heavy bottles time and again. The bottom load water dispensers are visually appealing and add to the interiors of your commercial space.

Point of Use Coolers

Point of use refers to standing water coolers that are directly connected to the main water line in your building. Most companies are now shifting from bottled or gallon water coolers to point-in-use coolers because of the vast benefits. They are the most cost-effective and environment-friendly option in water dispensers.

These water coolers do not create any plastic waste because they only use the main water supply. Many of these also come with a foot pedal to dispense water. Point of Use water coolers can create a touch-free environment as they are also available with the sensor system. You can get both warm and cold water through this water dispenser.

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Countertop Dispensers

Countertop water dispensers are similar to point-of-use water coolers. The only distinction is that they are compact and can be kept on the counter. They are used in commercial spaces that have a low water requirement daily. Despite being a compact cooler, the countertop dispensers have all the features that any other water dispenser would have. You can get hot, cold, and normal water from this cooler. Other than being a space saver, it is also affordable and environment-friendly.

Industries and commercial spaces tend to use more point of use water dispensers because of the various benefits they offer. They are more suitable to use than bottled water dispensers because you set yourself free from order, lifting, and storing gallons of water in your office. You need to call a professional to install the filter and a few times to change the candle.

Another major benefit of point-of-use coolers is that they provide cleaner water than bottled dispensers. The point-of-use dispensers are designed with advanced sanitation and filtration systems to offer cleaner water. The machine is also capable of maintaining itself. Thus, you do not have to worry about bacteria build-up.

Providing regular water also helps in keeping up the productivity levels. Hence, using point-of-use dispensers will keep you from the worry of running out of water because you will always have plenty of water.

To summarize, you can pick any water dispenser depending on your requirements. First, however, ensure that you have thought through the pros and cons of each type.

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