February 11, 2021

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A balanced diet is a key to a healthy life for every living being. Although the proportion of nutrients are unique, every animal requires protein for development. Proteins are the building blocks of life. From hair and skin to nails and blood, proteins consist of all parts of bodies. The deficiency of protein in the diet leads to severe results like malnutrition. The risk of protein deficiency is on every living animal on this planet. That is why you must provide a high-quality protein containing diet to your puppy.

Why are Proteins Essential for Dogs?

Puppies are just babies who need optimum nutrition for proper growth. While the average human diet consists of carbohydrates, protein is a crucial nutrient for dog health. Proteins supply essential amino acids. The amino acids are building blocks of proteins. They are vital for forming their bodily structures like hair, nail, tendons, and even muscles. Proteins play a significant role in hormone production in dogs.

Dogs belong to the Canidae family. Although not strictly, dogs are carnivores. Unlike cats, which are obligate carnivores, dogs can digest a plant-based diet up to a certain degree. So, you can use a combination of plant and animal-sourced protein to complete your growing pup’s protein need. Meat, poultry, and fishes are the sources of food that provide animal-based proteins. Whereas soy, lentils, and peas are the plant-sourced food supplying necessary proteins to your dog. U.S. Soybean Export Council promotes using soy for animal feed.

Dog’s diet mainly consists of animal proteins. Plant-based proteins can support their growth, yet they should not be the primary protein source in dog food. Wolves, foxes, and coyotes are the family members of the dog. They are natural hunters, so their diet mainly consists of meat. Just like them, dogs also need an animal-based diet for growth. So, run the other way if you come across any vegetarian or vegan dog food at the supermarket.

Puppies and Proteins

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Amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, are organic compounds. Amino acids mainly consist of carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen. However, some of them contain sulfur. Chains of amino acids form proteins that regulate bodily processes. Dogs require 22 amino acids, though their bodies can synthesize 12 of them. The dog food you feed them must supply the remaining ten amino acids.

Benefits of Adding Protein to Your Pup’s Daily Routine

You can buy dog food containing high-quality protein for your growing puppy. Also, you can add chunks or soy to supply them with essential amino acids. Here are five main benefits of providing your dog with a daily protein diet.

1.   Proper Development of Dog

As a dog-parent, you must understand the importance of a proper diet for your pup. Growing pups are playful and highly active. Their bodies are growing, so they require an enormous amount of energy to support this process. You wouldn’t want to think about the devastating effects of an inadequate diet on your dogs.

Supplying high-quality protein in your pup’s daily diet completes their daily nutritional needs. Generally, dog food contains beef, lamb, poultry, or fish as a primary protein source. At the same time, they have soy or lentils as secondary proteins. The amino acids from such various sources promote the healthy development of your dog.

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2.   Keeping the Dog in Good Shape

Proteins are the critical macro-nutrient. So, dietary proteins are essential for the growth and maintenance of every tissue in a puppy’s body. A carbohydrate-rich diet may lead to obesity in many breeds of dogs. In contrast, a protein-rich diet keeps them fit and prevents obesity.

Obesity is not suitable for dogs, as it invites many health issues. This is the reason why many dog parents make efforts to keep their dog from getting obese. A sedentary lifestyle is the main reason behind dog obesity. Along with that, improper diet also plays a significant role. A carbohydrate-rich diet not only promotes weight gain but also makes them sluggish. On the contrary, research supports that puppies feeding on a high-protein diet are more playful. Staying active keeps them from gaining weight.

Studies have also suggested that a daily protein diet helps dogs maintain lean muscle mass and lose fats. Your pup remains in good shape once it starts feeding on the high-quality proteins.

3.   Stronger Immunity System

Immunity is the ability to fight infections. Without a properly functioning immune system, your dog gets susceptible to various diseases. The high-quality protein diet also strengthens the immunity system of your dog. Dog’s gastrointestinal tract plays a crucial role in regulating their immune responses. So, when you feed them with a balanced diet, their gut remains healthy and fights infections. The protein-based diet maintains the gut health of your pup. Therefore, it plays a crucial role in making their immunity stronger.

4.   Reducing the Risk

Improper diet may result in several disorders in your pup. Health issues are inevitable with age. Dogs also have to face severe problems as they grow old. It is only nutrition that can reduce the intensity of such health conditions. High-quality protein keeps them in shape by providing various health benefits. It maintains mobility and muscle mass, saving them from the harmful outcomes of obesity.

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5.   Keeping Their Skin Healthy

The high-quality protein results in the healthy development of bodily features like hair, ligaments, tendons, nails, or your dog. Proteins also keep their fur soft and shiny.

The Bottom Line

A high-quality protein diet is hugely beneficial for the pup’s overall health. By promoting its proper growth, this diet makes sure that your dog lives a healthy life. There is a wide range of protein-based dog-food available in the market. However, before selecting the food for your pup, you must consult your vegetarian. Every puppy is unique, and so are its dietary requirements. When it comes to a protein-based diet, a one-size-fits-all strategy does not work. You must consult the vegetarian to discuss how much protein is sufficient for your puppy’s particular breed. With their advice, you can get the best food for your pup.

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