100 % Original Vontron Membrane 80 GPD with 1 Spun Filter

1,100.00 670.00 Including GST

Highlights of original vontron membrane 80 GPD

  • Micron 0000.1 Micron
  • Can be used with any RO water purifier
  • Up to 95% TDS reduction
  • Fits well in all domestic RO system
  • You can verify Serial number on Track.vontron.com
  • Best Quality Spun Filter Included to Improve the Membrane Life
Buy original Vonrton membrane 80 GPD + 1 Spun Filter
  • 100% original Vontron membrane
  • best Quality Spun Filter
  • 80 GPD
  • Works with all water purifiers in India
  • Supports upto 2000 TDS
  • Will work with Borewell Water, Munciapl water
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Weight0.500 kg

0.1 Micron

Supported RO

All water Purifiers in India are supported


Yes, you can check the serial number on track.vontron.com




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