best home gyms in india
August 5, 2020

5 Best Home Gyms in India

Are you a fitness freak, but also want to work out at your own pace and at your desired time? Well, a home gym is a suitable option for you.

 What’s better than a workout session from the comfort of your home, right?

Also, with a busy professional life, people nowadays aren’t able to dedicate the required time to their physical and mental fitness, vital for a happy and successful life.

Traffic and time constraints hold them back from traveling to a gym to workout. This is when a home gym comes into play.

Set up a gym in one of your rooms and assemble the all-in-one machine and other multipurpose accessories to make the best use of limited space.

You will then have access to your home gym 24*7 and can exercise whenever you want without a fixed routine or schedule, and without any downtime between machines.

 A home gym serves as your personalized gym, which is safer and more affordable than a professional one, making it a win-win.

 It also saves you the hassle of paying fancy gym membership fees, which you can then spend on better models for your home gym.

Let’s have a look at five of the best gyms popular in India.

Lifeline Deluxe Home Gym with Preacher Curl and Cover

Lifeline Home Gym Deluxe with Cover & Preacher Curl (HG-005)

The Lifeline Deluxe home gym is a versatile and robust all-in-one machine perfect for people who want to focus on arm muscles during their workouts.

 There is a preacher curl support attached to the machine, which allows you to perform several exercises like leg pulley, leg curl, preacher curl, bicep curl, wrist curl, and many more to enhance your leg and arm muscles.

Apart from these arm and leg workouts, the machine is also suitable for exercises for your shoulders, chest, back, etc.

 It can provide 60kg weight for workouts and takes up less space. The sturdy frame is easy to carry and install anywhere in your home.

It is a strong and durable machine made up of 2.5" heavy-duty steel, which is sure to last a long time. Therefore, a one-time investment in this machine can bore fruits for several years.

 Even though the company does not offer free installation, one can easily unpack and install it.

The striking feature of this home gym is the 15-in-1 exercise option, which is the best fit for those who want to do a whole-body workout with extra attention to their arms and legs.

Kamachi 4 Station HG-44 Home Gym

The Kamachi 4 Station HG-44 home gym is preferred by people who like to work on their muscles and keep them in a good, lean, and toned shape.

You need to work hard and smart to achieve such a body shape, and with Kamachi's unique and affordable 4 Station home gym, one can do a variety of body exercises and get a fit, toned body.

Some of the exercises you can do for strengthening your muscles include shoulder shrugs, military press, triceps extension, and 12 other exercises.

The machine is perfect to use by both men and women, as well as for working professionals, and students. The base of the machine is strong, and it can handle people of all weights and sizes. 

It is easy to place inside your home, and it is a fun experience to workout with this machine.

The machine is quite big, covers an area of 8x8 feet after full installation, and hence needs a good space to fit in. So, make sure you place it in a big spacious room to maximize the strength of your exercises and get a fit, toned body.

The total weight of plates is 137Kg and it consists of 24 plates. The machine allows 1-4 people to exercise during a single workout session. It is a highly durable and long-lasting product.

The company does not provide free installation, but you can watch the video installation tutorial and easily set up the machine wherever you want to.

Lifeline 6-Station Home Gym

Lifeline 6-Station Home Gym

The Lifeline 6-Station home gym is an ideal machine for heavyweight trainers and has a great capacity of up to 180 kilograms.

The machine comprises of six stations and can be used to perform exercises for your chest, lower and upper back, abs, shoulder, legs, and arms.

The machine has a complete stainless-steel body that is ideal for heavyweight training and is even used by many professional athletes for professional workout sessions.

Itself weighing 120 kg, this home gym setup can withstand up to 180 kg weight, and you can do exercises like arm curling, leg extension, leg raise, leg squats, butterfly, hip flexor, pushup stands, dipping, etc.

Even though it is very strong and can be used for multiple exercises, the machine still has a compact frame and design, with a superior grip and excellent finish.

 It offers a much higher level of strength and durability as compared to its other competitors in the same category.

Along with the machine, you are provided with a user manual as well. You can either read the manual or go through a tutorial video on YouTube to get acquainted with the installation process of the machine.

 If you are a hardcore trainer and fond of intense workouts, you should definitely go for this home gym and exercise with the comfort of your home.

Afton 360PT Brute Force

Afton 360PT Brute Force

The Afton 360PT Brute Force is a home gym, but it is not less than any professional gym if we look at its features.

 Fitness freaks will love this machine as it offers a wide range of workout training, which include bench press, dead lifts, squats, lunges, rows, shoulder press, chin up, biceps and triceps, and rotator cuff workouts.

One can work on strengthening their muscles, along with reducing body fat.

It is a complete package for your own home gym, professional work gym, personal training studio, or a health club.

 Afton is a globally-recognized brand famous for gym equipment, and this home gym is another of their top products.

The home gym has great pulleys and comes with quality bearings that ensure smooth movements while you work out.

 Although the machine is a bit expensive, but the stainless-steel frame is very durable and will serve you well for many years—proving to be a profitable investment.

The multipurpose home gym has adjustable hooks and weights and uses a smooth pulley slider which offers a smoother and single-hand adjustment. The j-hooks and spotting arms are easily adjustable.

 Comprising of high-quality welds, powder coat, and a superior finish, the machine is one of the top products in the market and provides excellent value for money.

Marcy Smith Cage Workout Home Machine

Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine Total Body Training Home Gym System with Linear Bearing (Renewed)

The Marcy Smith Cage Workout home gym machine is built entirely from heavy-duty stainless steel and a strong aircraft wire with a tensile strength of more than 2000 lbs.

 With a powder-coated finish and linear bearings, the machine’s features guarantee durability and strength, with longer life.

A versatile home gym, this weight system has dual-action arms press that will help you do shoulder, arms, back, and chest exercises in order to develop and strengthen your triceps, chest, shoulders, biceps, and other muscles.

It also features a dual-action leg developer with six oversized rocker pads and a curl bar to maximize exercising on the targeted muscles.

You can arrange your barbells and weights easily using the six weight-plates that you get with the machine.

An all-in-one workout station, the Marcy Smith Cage Workout is a complete training system that combines 3 different types of arm and leg stations for strengthening different muscles in a single compact design; thus limiting the need to switch between gym equipment.

It is designed to fit comfortably in small rooms and provides professional-quality workouts. You can do strength training, weight-lifting, and other body workouts without going to public gyms.


The trend of flaunting perfectly chiseled bodies and staying fit has surged during recent years. But it does not mean that you need to indulge in buying fancy gym clothes or pay gym memberships.

You can stay fit without giving in to such temptations—from affordable home gyms.

You can earn as much money as you want, but it is of no use if you are not fit and healthy enough to enjoy it. Also, only working out on a gym machine isn’t as efficient when done along with a fitness program.

So it’s recommended that you follow a fitness program first that is achievable, and then indulge in buying the gym equipment which complements your program.

Physical activity and exercising are vital to your health. More and more people are buying home gym machines to exercise at home and stay fit.

It is a great option for people with less time on their hands as they can work out at home without going to a gym. In the above article, we read about some of the top home gyms in India. Get yours now, and start working out.

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