October 12, 2021

Planning on moving to a new place? Have you already packed your little stuff and you want to move it to the truck? Well, when it comes to moving little things like clothes, kitchen utensils, and small furniture you can easily do it by yourself. However, moving heavier stuff requires special skills.The process of shipping a car can be complicated and time — consuming. However, Shiply transport your car easily.

According to Dane, owner of Stylin Moves, a reputable Perth removalist company, you could cause a lot of damage to the property or the item itself if you try to move bulky and heavy items on your own. Therefore it’s always helpful to hire specialists in their field. Moving a car interstate for example, would require a special car transport service.


There are many things in your house that are bulky or delicate and you need special tools and training to move such stuff. An average person lacks these skills and that can lead to severe injuries and damage to their stuff.

Following is the list of most valuable things in your house that you should never attempt to move by yourself.

 1. Big Screen TVs

TVs with big screens are extremely valuable and you need to be extra careful with these. Disconnecting them and packing the wire carefully requires training and without it, you run the risk of messing it up.

TVs are also heavier than they look and you have to know the right way to lift these as well. You have to pick it up in a way that doesn’t put unnecessary pressure on it. The expert movers know this very well and they can easily take care of it.

2. Exercise Equipment

This may include things like treadmills, rowers, and bikes, etc. These things are extremely heavy and you can easily hurt your back by lifting these yourself.

Experts like Henderson movers have the right tools to disassemble these things. This makes it easier for them to carry these onto the truck and set them up in your new house.

3. Pianos and Pool tables

Both these things are delicate and costly. You need to be extra careful while handling pianos since their tuning might get disturbed while moving if you don’t. The pool table also needs care since its legs can lose symmetry and your whole table might get ruined because of this.

You can hire professionals who move this kind of stuff on a daily basis and reduce the risks of damage by a lot.

4. Fish Tanks are Heavier Than they Look

Hiring help for the tank depends upon its size. If it has more than 20 gallons capacity, chances are it will be too heavy for you to lift.

Instead of trying to lift it yourself and damaging it upon loading or unloading, we advise you to ask for help from someone who has already moved stuff similar to this successfully.

5. Expensive Original Art Pieces

You need to be extremely watchful when moving these precious paintings or sculptures. These pieces of art should be handled by someone who is skilled enough and have the right kind of experience dealing with this kind of stuff.

Unlike you, the movers have specialized crates and packaging to keep these invaluable items. They can use these to keep your art collection in a way that protects it while loading it into the truck.

6. Backyard Structures

These structures are extremely heavy and you need special kind of equipment if you want to move these safely. You have to use a forklift or crane to move things like your gazebo, storage shed, or barn.

Now obviously you cannot arrange that kind of stuff easily and even if you can, you need someone to use it the right way. Movers are experts in dealing with your backyard structures and they can move these with ease thanks to their experience and training.

7. Wine Bottles

If you are a wine enthusiast and you have got expensive bottles with old wine, you need special help to move these. The movers specialize in packing and transporting delicate items, and wine bottles fall into this category.

If you choose to move this yourself chances are your wine collection will be ruined due to unprofessional packing and loading/unloading.

Final Words

We hope this information has helped you figure out why you need expert help to move certain things in your house. Hiring professionals for this purpose will save both your time and money and it will give you complete peace of mind while carrying out the moving process.

So, once again we urge you to consider asking for help to move the heavier, delicate, and expensive stuff from your house to avoid any unfortunate events or accidents.


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