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December 6, 2019

How do I become a computer engineer?

Because of the different areas in which computer technologies can work, the career path can also vary. However, the most common way to become a technician is to get an education and get certified in this particular area. There are many certifications or accreditation that a technician can acquire to advance his or her educational and career goals. To obtain certification, the candidate must pass a certification exam and, in some cases, prove that he has completed a formal training program.

The more certifications a technician has, the more job opportunities he can find. Certification is extremely important in this area. They may not be required by law, but they can be beneficial when looking for a job. Employees often see certifications as evidence of the technician's knowledge, skills, and commitment to his career. Here are some of the many certifications offered by CompTIA: A +, Cloud +, Mobility +, Cloud Essentials, CDIA and Network +

Cisco also offers several certifications for computer engineers. Their certifications are based on the state of the art. They offer entry-level, associate, professional, expert and architect certification. Within each level, there are additional certifications based on areas of interest or specialization. Some of the Cisco certifications include:

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Computer technician Certifications

·         Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician (CCENT)

·         Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

·         Cisco Certified Technician (CCT)

·         Cisco Certified Professional Design (CCDP)

Microsoft also offers several certifications for computer engineers, although most certifications on computer software are based on computer hardware. Computer technicians are usually eligible to take certifications after completing training and gaining work experience. In most cases, the individual must have experience to move to the next level of certification.

Career tips

As mentioned earlier, the best way to make a successful career as a computer engineer is to complete your apprenticeship and get as many certifications as possible. As technology continues to grow, so does the need for skilled and well-trained technicians. In addition, the technician must be on top of the technology to have the knowledge and skills needed to repair, install and troubleshoot problems, as well as to make new updates as needed.

Career advice

Knowing as many areas of computer technology as you can, this is beneficial to a technician's career. If an information technology company wants to hire a technician, it is more likely to hire someone to cover all areas of the computer than someone who only deals with software or hardware issues.

As technology changes every year or even every month, computer technology must be aware of the changes and be ready to make the necessary updates and updates. This can often be achieved by participating in continuing education courses. Continuing education is often required to maintain certifications. A computer engineer is never completely finished with the training, as long as we continue to have newer computing devices and technologies.


The amount and type of training required to work as a certified technician depends on the type of job you want to do and the level of education you want to get. Regardless, computer technology must have some training. Some technicians earn a bachelor's degree, while others start their careers after completing an associate's degree or completing a certification program. 

A prospective technician may also take specific courses depending on his area of interest. However, employers tend to use better-educated IT technologies. Additional training programs can be found at technical schools, community colleges and universities. The completion of associate licensing programs takes about two years, and licensed programs usually take four years.

Qualification requirements

In a typical associate degree program, the student completes both general and computer related courses. For most programs, the student also has to complete an internship to gain practical training in computers and computer systems. Depending on the program, the student is usually ready to take specific certification exams after completing the preparation. Some programs include certifications as part of the training.

A major difference between an associate's degree program and a bachelor's degree program, in addition to the length of time, is that the associate's degree program typically focuses on the main area of computer repair and service. The courses consist of several courses and allow the student to focus on a specific area of computers, such as: Networks, hardware, software or security.


With the increasing use of distance education, many schools offer online training. These programs, which are usually offered as hybrid programs, allow students to complete most distance learning courses, but must take precautions to complete an internship or an external internship at a company in their area. Although completing a training program is the first step in becoming a professional technician, it is equally important for potential employers to gain work experience.

People who are interested in working on the computer and have a job on call often choose to become a computer technician. Learn about this what is a computer technician job, including what education is required and what you expect in the job market.

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