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June 8, 2021

Kids clothing business is a profitable idea. But in 2021, for the wholesale kids clothing business, it is difficult to find retailers. And the reason is the high competition in the market and diversion of business towards e-business. Today’s topic is helpful for those who are going to start a kids’ clothing business in 2021. But the already established wholesale kids clothing business can also use these strategies to find new clients.

Before we dive into the main topic lets briefly talk about the role of wholesale retailers in the kid’s clothing business.

How are Retailers Important for the Wholesale Kids Clothing Business?

kids clothing

There are two major elements in the kid’s clothing business: quality clothing items and the buyers. Businesses cannot even earn a single penny without these two factors. The clothing quality can be controlled easily but finding good retailers is arduous. Especially in 2021, as almost all businesses have shifted towards online business. By keeping this in mind, we have formulated an effective strategy to find kid’s clothing retailers.

Potent Strategy to Find Wholesale Retailers for Kids Clothing in 2021

1.  Research

In the first step, conduct in-depth research about the kid’s clothing industry and its market. This research will be useful in different ways to find clothing retailers.

Following are essential steps in for right research:

  • First, make a list of all the kid’s clothing retailers in your area. Use the internet for this purpose.
  • Collect their website address or contact details.
  • Get data about their kid’s clothing stock. It will help their stock quality and also competitors that are providing them.
  • Check the details of your business website visitors and add them to the list of potential buyers.

2.  Emails and Cold Calling

Emails and cold calling are used to directly contact potential buyers. Almost every business is using these techniques but few of them get productive results. And the reason is the quality content. While making calls to a potential buyer, words, talking tone, and way of conveying a message matters a lot. That means you need to put some effort to make quality content then apply this technique. It is an approach for narrow targeting in a specific city or area.

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3.  Pay Per Click Advertisement

As the retail business also has shifted towards internet business. That’s why pay per click is a form of internet marketing. In simple words, as a wholesaler of kids’ clothing, you get paid a minimal fee on every visit to your website. Apparently, it is an expensive method but it really works for the wholesale online business. For example, a retailer visits your websites and this click costs you $3 to5. But retailers buy kids’ clothing stock for $400. It is beneficial for business.

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 4.  Sampling and New Stock Alerts

In the kid’s clothing business, the clothing items should be according to fashion trends and seasonal requirements. Sample of quality and new clothing items can be sent to retailers. Or again send emails to update them about the new arrival of kids’ clothing. But only sending samples is not enough. After that make calls for their responses.

kids clothing

5.  Building Strong Business Network

To find wholesale retailers for your business, build a strong business network in your industry. It is an indirect approach to find the customers for the kid’s clothing business but it really works. For building strong business relations, use various social media platforms. As social media is widely used for business purposes. Join the different groups of kids’ clothing business. Also, be active and up to date to ensure your business existence. Another way to build business relations, is the trade shows. Participate in trade shows with your products and make your business identity in the clothing industry.

kids clothing

6.  Online Wholesale Platform

Kids clothing business can also find wholesale retailers by joining the online wholesale platforms. There are a number of online marketplaces that allow free access to both wholesalers and retailers. It is a good option to display a variety of kids’ clothing items to several retailers. It is an increasing trend because it is convenient for wholesale retailers.

7. Determine Your Clothing Niche

Who is your objective market? Furthermore, what sorts of garments would you like to sell? Would you like to represent considerable authority in kids’ garments, the tween market, or women’s attire? In the event that you don’t have an inclination, investigate your region so you can see which market is being under-served. Then, at that point, endeavor to fill that specialty.


All the above plans are effective to find wholesale retailers for the kids clothing wholesale business. But some of them are easier to execute than others. A business budget is also a factor affecting the selection of the above methods. So, that depends on your business size and financial plan. Are you using any one of the techniques to find wholesale retailers for your business? If your answer is yes then, share your experience with us in the comment section.

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