September 29, 2021

Hats must be lightweight, and straws of different kinds are most suitable for making big hats that offer sun protection. Moreover, straw is a breathable material which makes it the perfect material for keeping the head cool during the hot summer days when people venture outside most of the time. Straw hats are timeless fashionable headgears that have become an inseparable part of dress and fashion, and women and men are equally fond of them.

To complete the seaside look, you must wear a straw hat that goes well with any summer outfit. With sun hats covering our heads and sunglasses protecting the eyes, fashionable summer outfits acquire completeness for making the most befitting fashion statement. Hats made from straw are available in various styles, but the most common style is the sun hat which usually uses straw only.

Through the centuries, hats have been the ageless fashion accessory for men and women alike. Among various hat-making materials from wool to leather and felt, straw became the most preferred material for making big size sun hats that provide maximum protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Besides being lightweight, the woven patterns of straw hats make them more comfortable to wear by maintaining proper air circulation to keep heads cool.

Some hat designs leave small openings or vents across the hat to increase ventilation so that even on the hottest days, you would feel comfortable wearing the hat for a long duration to ensure better sun protection.  Straw sun hats are ubiquitous summer fashion accessories that are must-haves for men’s and women’s wardrobes.

 Pay attention to the weaving pattern

In general, the brim size and hat design play critical roles in offering the desired protection from weather elements. It is true for all kinds of hat materials like wool, felt, and polyester or leather because these materials typically have enough compactness to prevent breeze, air, or sunlight pass through them.  But things could be a little different when you wear hats made from a straw because the compactness of the materials depends on the weaving patterns.

Some straw weaving patterns are tight and dense that completely blocks sunlight and other elements of weather from penetrating the hat. But some loosely woven patterns could leave small openings that allow minimal sunlight and air to pass through.  Be careful in choosing hats made from straw by considering the weaving pattern to ensure that it provides the perfect balance between ventilation and sun protection.

Style and protection go hand in hand

Fashion and style dominate the choice of hats except for sun hats, where protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays is an important factor. Usually, all hat materials and hat styles provide various degrees of protection from the elements of weather, but for sun hats, the aspect of protection from the sunrays is paramount. Sun hats must be not only stylish but also ensure high protection from the sunrays, both direct and indirect. For the perfect balance of style and protection, choose sun hats with considerable wide brims that create a larger shadow covering the face entirely and extending up to the shoulders.

Hat size and protection

The larger is the size of the sun hat, the better is the protection from direct sun rays. Cutting off the sunrays will protect your skin from harmful UV rays that can damage the skin in more ways than one. How big should be the hat size is a question that you might ask yourself because, after all, hats are not umbrellas. Since hat sizes have a relation to your body structure and size and the shape of your face, you must choose a size that is just optimal for your requirements by matching all physical parameters. A too large hat on a small body will look as funnier as a tall and heavily built person wearing a hat of smaller size.

Increased protection

Although the size and design of hats ensure a certain degree of protection from the sun rays, which should be enough to achieve the minimum standard of safety from the harmful UV rays, there are ways to increase protection. The extent of protection from the sunrays depends on the way you wear the hat, and you must keep altering the hat’s position according to the direction of the sunrays to ensure maximum protection. It means that the time of the day will influence the way you wear the hat to maintain the desired angle for cutting off the sun rays completely and preventing them from reaching the upper parts of your body.

Stay alert about the kind of sun exposure that your body receives at any point in time to understand the proper way of wearing the hat for maximum protection from the sunrays.

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