July 6, 2021

The Best Lifeguard Recertification By ALA

The American Lifeguard Association is the best lifeguard recertification, training provider. It’s famous due to its trained staff. We are following all U.S. lifeguard standards. According to the U.S. labor department, our standards are similar to American Red Cross.

Furthermore, If your certificate has expired, or you want to get the new one, we offer both services. The fees are reduced due to pandemics. So, don’t miss the chance. Moreover, you can complete the national lifeguard recertification at any time during the year. We are providing the best and safe area. The services and efforts of our company are incredible.

Likewise, the American pool lifeguard training is based on physical and online video material. There is also a lifeguard recertification test online. You will get all the important knowledge to upgrade your skills. All the training staff, including videos, will be available online during your good years of certification to polish your skills. Your employer wants an up-to-date team to continue better action.

In addition, as per the national standards, the tests should not be more complex. Because of the strict process, you can screen out loyal persons. The American Lifeguard Association aims to enable people to respond to crises. The lifeguard certification online programs help in single studies. You can apply for lifeguard recertification from anywhere.

The American Lifeguard Association has been serving since 1990. They are providing top-class training. They have a major impact on the U.S. safety areas. It’s known all over the USA. They are firm in providing quality safety to fulfill lifeguard requirements worldwide.

Steps to Complete Lifeguard Recertification with ALA

Study Online

When you register in the lifeguard recertification program, you get access to training videos. They gathered the material after great research. It includes a course which can enhance your skills.

Final Exam

After having the video lifeguard recertification review, you need to show up in exams. There is freedom of time in exams at American Lifeguard Association. You can’t leave and have to attend exams once after your training.

If you don’t get your exam result, you need to do it again without any extra fee. You will get your full exam report with the answer sheet you filled. Therefore, you can figure out your mistakes.

Final Step – Verification and Documentation

You will get an email after completing the training and exams. Your passing record is put in the online system. The lifeguard recertification is valid for two years. Also, you will get a waterproof card through the mail.

Skills Covered In The Lifeguard Recertification Program

Swimming Skills

There is an exam in American Lifeguard Association for swimming skills. You need to answer “Yes” in all the below questions to pass it.

  • Do you have the ability to swim 300 yards? It contains 100 front crawl yards, 100 for breaststroke, and final hundreds for front crawl or breaststroke.
  • Can you pick the weight from a pool bottle in 1.40 minutes?

Rescue Skills

  • Rescue swimming wing
  • The method involved in rescue
  • Two-person removal skills from the water
  • Backboard use
  • Compact jumps
  • Step jumps
  • Simple assist
  • Reaching the victim with pieces of the device
  • Active and passive victim rescue
  • Entry slide-in
  • surface water passive victim
  • Deepwater rescue
  • Rescue Multiple victims
  • Feet to surface dive

Injury Caring Skills

  • Lay down an injured victim to normalize head, back, and neck injury
  • Backboard using for the standing victim
  • Splitting head techniques:
  • Face-up, the victim on shallow water or surface area
  • Face-down, the victim on shallow waters surface area
  • Face-up the victim on deepwater or surface
  • Face-down, the victim on deepwater or surface area
  • Chin-Head Support
  • Face-up, the victim on shallow water or surface
  • Face-down
  • Face-up on deep-sea or surface
  • Face-down on deepwater or surface
  • Stabilize the drowning victim facing up or down or deep water on one side
  • Backboard using in deep or shallow waters

CPR Rescue Skills

  • Remove gloves
  • Assess initially
  • Restore breathing
  • Using of BVM respirator
  • Relieve aware choking
  • Relieve unconscious choking
  • CPR
  • CPR for two rescuers
  • Use of AED

First Aid Skills

  • Assess for secondary injury
  • External bleeding control
  • Sling or binder application
  • organic split
  • Apply soft split

Moreover, it’s required to follow the national standards at any cost. If you have a skill, but you are not using your skills according to the standards, it may harm you. The employers should provide training on-site even after lifeguard recertification.

Similarly, everyone in the world requires endless practice to remain expert in their skills. Therefore, keep doing the course to stay active. After learning skills, you need to be more master in saving someone by fulfilling lifeguard training requirements.

Furthermore, the lifeguard recertification needs proof to take part in lifeguard activities. First Aid certificate is also part of that renewal. An option to swim 300 yards without stopping is also vital. It happens with breaststroke and crawls or tread water by using legs.

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