April 20, 2022

EMS training is intense AF.


I am not saying it just because I’m too pumped or there’s too much adrenaline flowing through my veins. But, I genuinely felt my muscles becoming sore when I tried my first session at the EMS club

EMS technology is booming and as much as I’d like to sugarcoat my statement, I can’t.

If you spend 20 minutes at an EMS fitness center, you’ll feel as if you have spent 2-3 hours in a gym.

The exercise options are too intense, and they leave extreme pressure and force on your muscles that help you notice the results faster.

So, let’s find out more about it.

How Does EMS Work?

EMS training works pretty well because once you get used to this, the process is simple, and straightforward.

You wear an exclusive EMS workout suit with vests and pants fitted with wireless electrodes, and strapped around your arms, legs, and glutes. All of these are hooked to a device that sends electrical impulses across your muscle groups and promotes muscle contraction.

These contractions are more profound than the ones you face in a normal workout session.

Since 90% of your muscles are used in an EMS training session, your muscle contraction rate will be higher and more intense. It means, even if you are not lifting any weights, your muscle cramps will be much more pronounced after you are done with a 20 minutes of session.

The exercises are pretty simple here such as lunges, bicep curls, and bodyweight squats. However, don’t be fooled by their appearances.

Even if you are not lifting any weight, the neural mechanism your body stays under during these simple fitness activities can feel harder than they are

Hence a personal trainer is essential in an EMS session.

Why Should You Try It?

Let’s start this discussion by narrating the benefits of EMS workout.

  • EMS training can burn calories and fat while toning lean muscles.
  • It can increase your muscle strength.
  • It can reduce cellulite after boosting blood circulation to the tissues.
  • It can tighten connective tissues.
  • Your sleep cycle will improve, you will have a better mood and will also have an improved posture.
  • It is easy on your tendons and joints because you are not jumping or running around in this session.
  • EMS training promotes whole body workout.

Apart from that you get a customized training plan suited for your busy schedule.

So, if you’re a busy professional, a single parent with two kids, or spend time in a rehab because of some bodily injuries, this type of training is perfect for you.

EMS training is good for burning calories and reducing abdominal fat, which is the most stubborn of all fats.

Moreover, you will also get a personal trainer who will know what your mind and body needs and will accompany you holistically in the 20 minutes’ session.

Even after all of these perks, there are some pitfalls.

  • If the personal trainer is not skilled enough, he may overstimulate your muscles, which could be detrimental to your body.
  • There has to be 2-4 days of gap between two EMS sessions because your body needs proper rest and your muscles need appropriate time to regenerate after an intense session is over.

Keeping these downsides aside, which are easily manageable with an experienced trainer, EMS training is good for everyone, and you must try it.

Why Is EMS Training So Intense?

Any people who try out an EMS training session, benefit from it because nobody joins the club unless they want to get something in return.

But, the fact that 20 minutes at an EMS center feels like 2 hours at the gym, is true.

You may ask why.

The neural mechanism your body goes through in an EMS training session is the same as your body’s usual neural activities. However, it is more powerful.

If you combine the muscle stretching activities like squats and lunges with the external stimulation sent by an EMS device, you boost your muscle fibers by 98%.

On the other hand, when you workout in a gym, your muscle group boosts up by 30% only.

So, there lies the difference.

Give It A Try!

I cannot stress enough on the importance of EMS training because I have felt every ounce of energy drain away after being in the training gear for 20 minutes.

As much drained as I was, I’d still like to go for such a training session because it pumps my muscles and motivates my inner fitness freak gigantically.

So, give it a shot, and tell us how you’ve liked it.

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